The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Direct Mail List Rental

Reach a targeted, highly qualified audience with a credible partner. With over 13,000 members, the ACRP contact list is available for limited use by sponsors seeking to deliver a message and call to action to professionals in the industry.

Audience & Reach

  • Clinical Research Coordinators – 7,300+
  • Clinical Research Associates/Monitors – 4,200+
  • Investigators – 1,100+


  • Processing Fee — $50
  • Contacts Fee — $0.25 per name

Minimum order of $350, or 1,200 names.


Tammy B. Myers, CEM


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ACRP offers the non-exclusive rental of its membership mailing list to companies that would be of benefit to the ACRP membership. To request an ACRP mailing list, complete the following form, select your filter criteria (if desired) and submit the form, with a sample of the mailing, to ACRP. Mailing lists do not include email addresses and are for one-time use only.

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