The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP Certification Milestone Achievers

ACRP honors the 2023 Certification Milestone Achievers, an exclusive group of nearly 1,700 professionals who have consistently proven their commitment to conducting clinical trials safely, ethically, and to the highest standard.

Congratulations to all on this remarkable achievement.


30 Years Certified

Donna Grossman, CCRC
Rebecca Hancock, CCRC
Deborah Rosenbaum, CCRC

Photograph of Dolores McCall

“I strongly believe that certification is a crucial step for anyone who wants to succeed in clinical research. It demonstrates your commitment to the profession, enhances your credibility, and helps you stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices. Obtaining my certification not only validated my knowledge and expertise in the field, but also opened up new opportunities and helped advance my career.”

Dolores McCall, BS, MBA, MHA, CCRA, ACRP Certified Since 1997

25 Years Certified

Jane Anderson, CCRC
Colleen Anderson, CCRC
Sandra Arsenault, CCRC
Leslie Baga, CCRC
Linda Bailes, CCRC
Stacy Baldridge, CCRC
Joseph Balsamo, CCRC
Karol Barstow, CCRC
Cheryl Bernstein, CCRC
Angela Berry, CCRA
Joy Biggers, CCRC
Ann Boye, CCRC
Pamela Brandsdorfer, CCRA
Patricia Bruenger, CCRC
Suzan Bzdick, CCRC
Nancy Cameron, CCRC
Liz Cannard, CCRC
Debbie Cardinal, CCRC
Linda Clemons, CCRC
Nancy Cohen, CCRC
Luz Colon, CCRC
Michele Costigan, CCRC
Darcie Cruz, CCRC
Gina Daniel, CCRC
Karen Davenport, CCRC
Mary-Clare Day, CCRC
Maria De Alvare, CCRA
Michelle Dickey, CCRC
Donna Dorozinsky, CCRC
Lea Dottke, CCRA
Robyn DuBoff, CCRC
Joan DuPont, CCRC
Dixie Ecklund, CCRC
Lori Elder, CCRA
Lisa Espenshade, CCRA
Carol Fedor, CCRC
Susan Fisher, CCRC
Jean Flores, CCRC
Laura Anne Fowler, CCRC
Paula Fuqua, CCRC
Susie Gault, CCRC
Linda Gilbert, CCRC

Sandra Guingrich, CCRC
Brenda Gusters, CCRC
Michael Habib, CCRA
Cheryl Hall, CCRC
Wanda Hamilton, CCRC
Mark Hardy, CCRA
Carmen Heaney, CCRC
Betsey Herpin, CCRC
Alice Howell, CCRC
Denise Humphries, CCRC
Evelyn Jeffers, CCRC
Donna Jenny, CCRC
Sharon Johnson, CCRC
Shelley Johnson, CCRA
Lillie Johnson, CCRC
Donna Julian, CCRC
Margaret Keller, CCRC
Tamara Kempken Mehring, CCRC
Susan Kennedy, CCRA
Lori Kravets-Gualtieri, CCRA
Karen Lafleur, CCRC
Sang Le, CCRC
Eloise Lemon, CCRC
Laurie Lowder, CCRC
Sheryl Lynch, CCRC
Pam Marrero, CCRC
Anette Mayer, CCRC
June McAdams, CCRC
Sara McGilvary, CCRC
Robin McWhorter, CCRC
Sherrie Meador , CCRC
Margaret Morris, CCRA
Sheila Nalley, CCRC
Jane Neu, CCRC
Robin Newman, CCRA
Melissa Ockert, CCRA
Nancy O’Connell, CCRC
John Osgood, CCRC
Paulette Palazzolo, CCRC
Carolyn Paulson, CCRC
Marsha Peery, CCRC
Barbara Peterson, CCRC

Christine Pilar, CCRC
Deidra Poucher, CCRC
Wren Pratt, CCRC
Susan Ray, CCRC
Karen Reese, CCRA
David Reichert, CCRA
Jay Rendahl, CCRC
Laura Riley, CCRC
Julie Rivera, CCRC
Eileen Robinson, CCRC
Serge Romashkan, CCRA
Brenda Romeo, CCRC
Tina Sabella-Goodwin, CCRC
Pamela Schwartzkopf, CCRC
Linda Scott, CCRA
Steven Scott, CCRA
Marta Sears, CCRC
Lisa Shawler, CCRC
Cheryl Sickles, CCRC
Christine Simon, CCRA
Christine Sinkey, CCRC
Nicole Skelton, CCRC
Gail Smith, CCRA
Paula Steele, CCRC
Terry Stubbs, CCRC
Victoria Sylva, CCRC
Yeini Thompson, CCRC
Jorge Thompson, CCRC
Lee Truax-Bellows, CCRA
Lynn Van Dermark, CCRA
Pramod Vora, CCRC
Denise Weaver, CCRC
Diane Whipple, CCRC
Vickie Wilde, CCRC
Lou Williams, CCRC
Karen Wolfe-Kerker, CCRA
Lori Wollet, CCRC
Rachell Wright, CCRC
Julia Ann Zdanek, CCRC
Nazy Zomorodian, CCRC

Photograph of Suzanne Kincaid

“ACRP Certification is a milestone achievement I am proud of, and it’s a way of showing my dedication to protecting human subjects and conducting high quality clinical research. ACRP Certification is just as important to me today as it was 20 years ago when I first achieved ACRP Certification.”

Suzanne Kincaid, CCRA, ACRP-PM, FACRP, ACRP Certified Since 2002

20 Years Certified

Claudia Aceves, CCRC
Sheri Alleyne, CCRC
Susan Almquist, CCRA
Dana Anderson, CCRC
Ann Louise Armstrong, CCRC
Farah Baksh, CCRA
Nicole Bauer, CCRC
Thelma Beltran, CCRC
Michelle Benfield, CCRC
Simone Bernard, CCRC
Debbie Berry, CCRC
Christopher Bertz, CCRA
Ira Blount, CCRC
Anna Bourgault, CCRC
Lisa Brandano, CCRA
Loralie Brennen, CCRC
Renee Brenner, CCRC
Amber Bretz, CCRC
Vicky Brunk, CCRA
Dawn Bryant, CCRC
Joy Bryant, CCRC
Anita Burtram-LaMonica, CCRC
Lawrence Calais, CCRC
Allison Camacho, CCRC
Susan Carignan, CCRA
Dayorky Carnero, CCRC
Sherene Casey, CCRA
Kimberlly Castro-Roberts, CCRC
Lori Caufield, CCRC
Patience Chambers, CCRC
Yvonne Chester, CCRC
Hayon Choe, CCRC
Devona Chun-Furlong, CCRC
Jennifer Claymier, CCRC
Denise Clizbe, CCRC
Sarah Cole, CCRC
Susan Cole, CCRA
Teresa Collins, CCRC
Sheila Conforti-Baxley, CCRC
Michele Cooper, CCRC
Ann Cooper, CCRC
Sarah Coquillette, CCRA
Winifred Daguia, CCRA
Carlton Dampier, CPI
Lisa Davis, CCRC
Melissa Deamude, CCRC
Elizabeth DeLeo, CCRA
Karen DeMarco, CCRC
Holly DeSpiegelaere, CCRC
Karen Devine, CCRC
Julie Dick, CCRC
Sherry Duncan, CCRC
Cecilia Duron, CCRC
Debra Ennis, CCRA
Lorie Estrada, CCRC
Teresa Falcon, CCRC
Franco Felizarta, CPI
Pamela Fellows, CCRC
Kelly Filchner, CCRC
Susan Flack, CCRC
Kristen Flemal-Andrews, CCRC
Annitta Flinn, CCRC
Patti Fontaine, CCRA
Kristen Frantzen, CCRC
Mary Fraser, CCRC
Hurdley Freemantle, CCRC
Katharine Garrett, CCRA
Gerardo Garza, CCRC
Tina Gaskin, CCRC
Jill George, CCRA
Sandra Geyer, CCRC
Melissa Goffinet, CCRC

Andrea Gonzales, CCRC
Catherine Grimsley, CCRC
Tammy Haas, CCRC
Sarah Hale, CCRC
Danuel Hamlin, CCRC
Stacie Hanes, CCRC
Karen Hartman, CCRC
Shannon Haubner, CCRA
Amber Heath, CCRC
Tina Henderson, CCRA
Tina Henderson, CCRC
Georgene Hergenroeder, CCRC
J. Andres Hidalgo, CCRC
Laura Hiles, CCRA
Maria Hill, CCRC
Wendy Hobbs, CCRC
Julie Holman, CCRA
Jill Hotchkis, CCRC
Jeffery Houser, CCRA
Lee Howard, CCRC
Marybeth Hunter, CCRC
Maureen Hurst, CCRC
Camille Izatt, CCRC
Jennifer Jackson, CCRA
Kathleen Johnson, CCRA
Ming Jone, CCRA
Christopher Joyce, CCRA
Sue Joyner, CCRC
Anita Kablinger, CPI
Janice Kakish, CCRC
Jaya Kamath, CCRC
Jan Keen, CCRA
Franceska Kelly, CCRC
Mary Anne Kennedy, CCRC
Leesa Koskela, CCRC
Lori Ann Kozikowski, CCRC
Alyson Kwon, CCRC
Bonnie Lam, CCRA
Jacqueline Landrian, CCRC
Kimberly Lathrop, CCRC
Anne Laulederkind, CCRC
Jane Lehmbeck, CCRC
Jennifer Lessin, CCRC
Bobbie Lewis, CCRC
Anna Leyson-Fiel, CCRC
Elizabeth Lignell, CCRC
Juliann Lillie, CCRC
Karen Livornese, CCRC
Laura Patricia Lopez, CCRA
Renee Low, CCRA
Jennifer Maas, CCRC
Gary Mandel, CCRC
Ellen Marino, CCRA
April Marshall, CCRC
Karen Martin, CCRA
Tara McTigue, CCRC
Maureen Meier, CCRC
Rosemarie Mestas, CCRC
Kelly Miller, CCRC
Angela Millington, CCRC
Nada Mlinarevich, CCRC
Stacey Morgan, CCRC
Stephanie Mullin, CCRC
Karen Mullinax, CCRC
Glynis Murphy, CCRC
Kerry Naunton, CCRC
Marilyn Negron, CCRA
Kelly Neidert, CCRC
Stacy Newalu, CCRC
Margaret Newsom, CCRC
Ngoc-Ha Ngo, CCRC
Thien Huong Nguyen, CCRC
Thuc Nguyen, CCRC

Nichole Nockerts, CCRC
Laura Novik, CCRC
Dorothee Oberdhan, CCRA
Laurie O’Brien, CCRA
Lorraine O’Donnell, CCRC
Tammy Osentoski, CCRC
Sherry Ouyang, CCRA
Valerie Paolella, CCRA
Jakey Patwari, CCRC
Sunita Paul, CCRA
Noris Peraita, CCRC
Sharon Peterson, CCRC
Bernadette Pistone, CCRC
Debbie Pomponio, CCRC
Suzette Quinsey, CCRC
Bette Ranc, CCRC
Denise Redding, CCRA
Michele Reynolds, CPI
Nan Robbins, CCRA
Sonya Robinson, CCRC
Norma Rodgers, CCRA
Amy Roehl, CCRC
Kelly Sanford, CCRA
Ramona Schaetzle, CCRA
Rosanne Schenks, CCRC
Sandra Schiffelers, CCRA
Dina Scholtz, CCRC
Mary Shannon, CCRC
Kathryn Shannon, CCRC
Penny Shifrin, CCRC
Cynthia Sinsel, CCRA
William Smith, CPI
Erin Smith, CCRA
Jacquelyn Spano, CCRC
Jon Stahlman, CPI
Mary Staley, CCRC
Elizabeth Stannard, CCRC
Cammie Starner, CCRC
Sherry Sterling, CCRC
Tracy Stern, CCRC
Allen Stevens, CCRC
Laura Stewart, CCRC
Nancy Sullivan, CCRC
Yvonne Taul, CCRC
Terri Taylor, CCRC
Shannon Thomas, CCRC
LaTeshia Thomas-Seaton, CCRC
Huette Thompson, CCRC
Eva Underwood, CCRC
Lauren Uriarte, CCRA
Christopher Valentine, CCRC
Cassondra Vander Ark, CCRC
Stephanie Vander Veur, CCRC
Jennifer Vermillion, CCRC
Francesca Vigil, CCRC
Tracy Virgilio, CCRC
Aronda Walker, CCRA
Jackie Watson, CCRC
Wendy Weigel-Timpany, CCRC
Michael Weitz, CPI
Andrea West, CCRC
Julie Wetzstein, CCRC
Sally Wilging, CCRA
Tiffany Wilhite, CCRA
Calystia Wilkerson, CCRA
Amy Wilson, CCRA
Peter Winkle, CPI
Heather Wolak, CCRC
Vicky Wong, CCRC
Laura Yamokoski, CCRC
Lisa Zelina, CCRA
Donna Zurick, CCRA

Photograph of Cindy Coates

“Maintaining my ACRP Certification brings a sense of pride and sets my clinical research career apart from others in the industry. I committed myself long ago to the key principles of Good Clinical Practice in order to be an example and inspiration to others.”

Cindy Coates BS, CCRC, ACRP Certified Since 2002

15 Years Certified

Yulia Abidov, CCRC
Rana Al-Damsees, CCRC
Heather Allison, CCRC
Christina Amos, CCRA
Kassa Andreasen-Lynch, CCRA
Monica Arango, CCRC
Gloria Araujo, CCRC
Robigaile Atienza, CCRC
Keri Austin, CCRC
Reena Awasty, CCRC
Vivek Awasty, CPI
Aline Baday, CCRC
Jolanta Baginski, CCRC
Andrea Bennington, CCRC
Christina Bethea, CCRC
Beth Bieze, CCRA
Joanne Bilmazes, CCRC
Lauren Bird, CCRC
Sharon Blair, CCRA
Nathaniel Blake-Glendenning, CCRA
Fernando Boccalandro, CPI
Mary Bohannon, CCRA
Lamar Box, CCRC
Margaret Bozic, CCRC
Terri Brannon, CCRC
Erin Brennan, CCRA
Patricia Brinegar, CCRC
Francois Burger, CPI
Holly Burtch, CCRA
Kirstin Byrne, CCRA
Tara Cabe, CCRC
Alanna Caffas, CCRC
Monica Calvo, CCRC
Ingrid Camargo-Richars, CCRA
Tiffany Campos, CCRC
Nancy Canada, CCRC
Candace Carr, CCRC
Jorge Caso, CPI
Janna Chamberlin, CCRA
Glenda Chambers, CCRC
Edwin Chan, CCRA
Mei Lin Chen-Lim, CCRC
Kimberly Christensen, CCRC
Melissa Christensen, CCRC
Stephanie Christopher, CCRC
Jamie Clemmer, CCRA
Ligita Cooper, CCRC
Carrisa Covert, CCRC
Laura Crawford, CCRC
Kimberly Dall, CCRA
Betsy Daniel, CCRC
Katherine Daniel, CCRA
Kelly Davidson, CCRA
Laverne Davila, CCRC
Maria del Carmen Davila, CCRC
Denise Davis, CCRC
Diane Davis, CCRC
Janice Davis, CCRC
Regina Davis-Walker, CCRA
Georgia Dehart, CCRC
Ning Deng, CCRA
Adrienne DeRicco, CCRC
Deborah Devlin, CCRC
Mara Di Mattia, CCRC
Heather Diederich, CCRC
Kristine Dietzman, CCRC
Helen Donnelly, CCRC
Rachel Douglas, CCRC
Fran Downing, CCRC
Ashlee Drawz, CCRC
Guadalupe Duarte, CCRC
Nancy Dunne, CCRA
Sarah Eck, CCRC
Dana Edwards, CCRC
Liisa Eisenlohr, CCRA
Rivka Elbein, CCRC
Maria Emerson, CCRC
Sarah Endemann, CCRC
Wendy Engelbrecht, CCRA
David Erb, CPI
Maria Esquiabro, CCRC
Kyle Etzkorn, CPI
Anne Evans, CCRC
Elizabeth Evans, CCRC
Tonya Ezzelle, CCRA
Penny Fairhurst, CCRC
Divina Fanning, CCRC
Ingrid Ferro-Spilde, CCRC
Michele Fielding, CCRC
Briana Foerman, CCRC
Cheryl Fogg, CCRA
Tamela Fonseca, CCRC
Fran Fox, CCRA
Kelly Francher, CCRA
Valerie Francis, CCRC
Ericha Franey, CCRA
Ned French, CCRA
Keiko Furukawa, CCRC
Sadie Gabler, CCRC
Judy Galindo, CCRC
Rosann Gans, CCRC
Janet Gatzke, CCRC
Kristin Geile , CCRC
Stephanie Geletei, CCRA
Jane Gillespie, CCRC
Brent Gillund, CCRC
Brenda Glasgow, CCRC
Theodora Goebel, CCRC
Maria Gonzalez, CCRC
Haymara Gonzalez, CPI
Felicia Govan, CCRA

Amy Graf, CCRC
Melissa Graham, CCRC
Lisa Graham, CCRC
Sharon Graminske, CCRC
Elizabeth Griffith, CCRC
Crystal Gruetzmacher, CCRC
Anna Guerdjikova, CCRC
Richard Gurrola, CCRA
Diana Hablitz, CCRA
Scarlett Hammett, CCRC
Lynne Hampton, CCRC
Patricia Hankins, CCRC
Mary Hayslett, CCRA
Karin Hellberg, CCRA
Mark Hermann, CPI
Mark Hermann, CPI
Kimbra Hitz, CCRC
Marla Hoelle, CCRA
Linda Hollenweger, CCRC
Linda Houston, CCRA
Harriet Howlett-Smith, CCRC
Shu-Chen Hsu, CCRC
Wan Huang, CCRC
Christine Huggins, CCRC
Elvia Hyde, CCRA
Norhan Ibrahim, CCRC
Rebecca Ingledue, CCRC
Vera Iouchmanov, CCRC
Susan Jackman, CCRC
Teressa Jackson, CCRA
Michelle Jacobs, CCRC
Linda Jahn, CCRC
Stacie Jarzynka, CCRC
Robert Jeanfreau, CPI
Allison Johnson, CCRC
Karen Jones, CCRA
Ashley Jones, CCRC
Kristin Jones, CCRA
Amy Jost, CCRC
Elizabeth Katonica, CCRA
Carolyn Keefer, CCRC
Beverly Kelleher, CCRA
Susan Kilbride, CCRC
Kimberly Kiner, CCRA
Brian Kirchner, CCRA
David Kitscha, CCRA
Angela Klim, CCRC
Jim Kneller, CCRA
Tammy Koch, CCRC
Dragana Kuburovic-Daric, CCRA
Jennifer Kuhl, CCRC
Chung Kong Kwan, CPI
Melissa Laffey, CCRA
Craig LaForce, CPI
Ai-Ping Lai, CCRC
Isa Lamerton, CCRA
Thomas Lauffenburger, CCRA
Bienvenida Lee, CCRC
Cheryl Levine, CPI
AnnaMarie Locher, CCRC
J Paul Locher IV, CCRC
Lori Lofaro, CCRA
Karen Lynott, CCRC
Brenda Ma, CCRA
Amy Mackley, CCRC
Earla Mahan, CCRC
Sarah Maichle, CCRC
Jennifer Maloney, CCRA
Laura Mannas, CCRC
Tomas Marchertas, CCRA
Joanne Marie Lutz, CCRC
Jose Marquez, CCRC
Magdalena Martinez Lalis, CCRA
Karen Maskin, CCRA
Michele Masters, CCRA
Leni Mathews, CCRA
Maxine Maxwell, CCRC
Courtney Mays, CCRA
Jason Mazza, CCRC
Diane McConnehey, CPI
Letha McGarity, CCRC
John McGettigan, CPI
John McGuire, CCRA
Amyee McMonagle, CCRC
Lesley McNeil, CCRC
Nicolle K. Mendez, CCRC
Tracy Messing, CCRC
Catherine Meyers, CCRA
Susan Milbrandt, CCRC
Jamie Miller, CCRA
Melissa Moe, CCRA
Molly Mohrman, CCRC
Nilly Moore, CCRC
Trisha Mortier, CCRA
Jennifer Moseley, CCRC
Ro Moser, CCRA
Krista Mueller, CCRC
Caroline Murray, CCRC
Rubina Muzina, CCRC
Lan Nguyen, CCRA
Thuc Nguyen, CCRA
Joyce Nicklaus, CCRC
Kathy Nix, CCRC
Jessica Norcini, CCRC
Helen Ocariz, CCRC
Christopher Oldfield, CPI
Penny O’Leary, CCRC
A. Osborne, CCRA
Katherine Overdier, CCRC
Gahan Pandina, CPI
Robynn Pannell, CCRC

Lisa Paternoster, CCRA
Lilliana Payne, CCRC
Carla Perez, CCRC
Jennie Perry-Raymond, CCRC
Crystal Peters, CCRC
Wanda Peterson, CCRC
Emily Phillips, CCRC
Emily Pierce, CCRC
Wendy Plasko, CCRC
Valerie Platt, CCRC
Beth Polk, CCRC
Katherine Prassas, CCRC
Susanna Pratt, CCRC
Justina Price, CCRC
Donna Pryor, CCRA
Alisa Purnell, CCRA
Deborah Pye, CCRA
Carrie Quadrino, CCRC
Joanna Quezon, CCRC
Christine Quinn, CCRC
Ryan Rackley, CCRC
Eman Rafla, CCRC
Kendra Ramondo, CCRA
Antonia Rao, CCRA
Jennifer Raymond, CCRC
Jose Rebimbas, CCRC
Angela Redd, CCRC
Anne Reutens, CPI
Susan Rimmey, CCRC
Jessica Rios, CCRC
Gina Robbins, CCRA
Casey Rosas, CCRC
Steven Rose, CCRA
Lisa Rumble Arnold, CCRC
Rosalee Rebecca Salacup, CCRA
Noura Sall, CCRC
Dennis Salotti, CCRA
Melissa Samendinger, CCRC
Cristina Santiago, CCRC
Karen Sather, CCRC
Christine Schaeffer, CCRC
Janet Scherer, CCRC
Janice Schrack, CCRC
Miroslawa Sedor, CCRC
Priti Shah, CCRA
Donna Sherer, CCRC
Pauline Sherman, CCRA
Allison Shontz, CCRA
Amy Sigler, CCRC
Melinda Singleton, CCRA
Kirstin Smentek, CCRA
Bariatu Smith, CCRA
Christine Smith, CCRC
Maria Soto, CCRC
Estela Soto, CCRC
Nicole Southern, CCRA
Jeannie Steed, CCRC
Jennifer Stokes, CCRC
Kimberley Striler, CCRC
Robin Stuart Buttles, CCRC
Marcy Sturgess, CCRC
Kim Swisher, CCRA
Shannon Syring, CCRC
Cynthia Tait, CCRA
Bonnie Tamarin, CCRA
Ing-Ing Teng, CCRA
Carolyn Thompson, CCRC
Andrew Tillett, CCRA
Lisa Tindell, CCRC
Jacqueline Ting, CCRA
DeeAnn Tinjum, CCRA
Melanie Tiplick, CCRA
Brian Tischler, CCRA
Toni Toledo, CCRC
Monica Torres, CCRC
Ixsa Torres-Morel, CCRC
Constance Trantow, CCRC
Nicole Trites Wiering, CCRA
Margie Urbina, CCRA
Michael Urquhart, CCRA
Betty Ussery, CCRC
Margaret Van Waardenburg, CCRA
Carmen Verge, CCRA
Margaret Vieira, CCRC
Jill Waldo, CCRC
Peggy Ward, CCRC
MJ Washburn, CCRC
David Watson, CPI
Rhonda Weeks, CCRC
Audra Weslowski, CCRC
Trina Wesner, CCRC
Kathleen Wessman, CCRC
Jamie White, CCRA
Ashley White, CCRC
Amy Whitworth, CCRC
Natalie Wiley, CCRC
Mary Wilks, CCRA
Kelly Wilson, CCRC
Stephanie Wolf , CCRC
Samidha Worah, CCRA
Amy Workman, CCRC
Trisha Yassear, CCRC
Mary Yep, CCRC
Cindy Young, CCRC
Mike Yu, CCRA
Robert Zanni, CPI
Katarzyna Kate Zarish, CCRA
Marlene Zarrow, CCRC
Denise Zeller, CCRA
Kevin Zemko, CCRA
Scott Zerzanek, CCRA

Photograph of Takahiro Sakai

“My ACRP Certification gave me great confidence about clinical trials. ACRP Certification shows my knowledge and experience.” 

Takahiro Sakai, CCRC, ACRP Certified Since 2017

10 Years Certified

Melissa Abbott, CCRC
Roberto Aguirre, CPI
Angelica Aguirre , CCRC
Gina Alcide, CCRC
Miriam Fumiko Alger, CCRC
Dale Crawford Allison, CPI
Gloria Alvarado, CCRC
Hector Alvarado, CCRC
Mary Amos, CCRC
Suzanne Anders, CCRC
Frances Annese, CCRC
Adria Arencibia, CCRC
Lynda Argenzio, CCRC
Erin Ashmore, CCRC
Deborah Atkins, CCRC
Angela Aungst, CCRC
Mary Austin, CCRC
Randall Avers, CCRA
September Ayers, CCRC
Phyllis Babcock, CCRC
Jeremiah Babcock, CCRA
Cynthia Baker, CCRC
Juliet Bala, CCRC
Constance Bales, CCRC
Amanda Bartlett, CCRC
Cathy Bartz, CCRA
Rebecca Beaulieu, CCRC
Cynthia Beaumont, CCRC
Lucas Beeler, CCRC
Joy Beeler, CCRA
Frances Beltran, CCRC
Robert Bimbi, CCRC
Deborah Bliss, CCRC
Mary Boatner, CCRC
Sandra Boehnke, CCRA
Lori Botello, CCRC
Diane Broadnax, CCRC
Stephanie Bronstrup, CCRA
Jennifer Brown, CCRC
Carl Brown, CCRC
Tonisha Brown, CCRC
Cynthia Buchanan, CCRC
Jennifer Burgos-Iriarte, CCRC
Lourdes Cabrera, CCRC
Nita Cadic, CCRC
Emily Caldwell, CCRC
Todd Cano, CCRA
Natalie Carraway, CCRA
Rosaidaliz Carreira, CCRC
Rochelle Carver, CCRC
Tamara Caterino, CCRA
Erin Cesario, CCRC
Carling Chan, CCRC
Soju Chang, CPI
Shong Cheng, CCRA
kristen Chionh, CCRC
Norbert Clemens, CPI
Desiree Clemons, CCRA
Jenna Cohen McGuirk, CCRA
Adriana Coimbra, CCRA
Diana Connelly, CCRC
Noreen Connolly, CCRC
Christen Cooper, CCRC
Carole Coyne, CCRC
Lisa Crespi, CCRC
Carrin Crissey, CCRC
Kristina Cruz, CCRC
Rachel Davidson, CCRA
Michelle Davis, CCRC
Elisabeth Deetz, CCRC
Diane Delliliune, CCRC
Rebecca Dent, CCRC
Poliana Desarden, CCRC
Pamela Dicamillo, CCRC
Jennifer Dillman, CCRC
Ngami Donovan, CCRA
Jessica Dougall, CCRA
Kirstin Dougall, CCRC
Tracy Dove, CCRC
Christopher Dutka, CCRC
Mea Ebenbichler, CCRC
Jennifer Eckerman, CCRC
Melissa Elder, CCRA
Ashley Enloe, CCRA
Mark Enter, CCRC
Mila Epshteyn, CCRA
Chad Eriksen, CCRC
Maria Esquiabro, CCRA
Judith Everett, CCRC
Lloyd Jerold Fajardo, CCRC
Rebekah Farrell, CCRC
Jennifer Farrell McGeehan, CCRA
PariAnne Fatica, CCRC

Laura Feller, CCRC
Randi Forgie, CCRC
Susan Franseen, CCRC
Mallory Frazier, CCRC
Jennifer Frederick, CCRC
Keiko Furukawa, CCRA
Kelly Ganz, CCRC
Kristen Garcia, CCRC
Jovan Garcia, CCRC
Kathy Gephart, CCRC
Kristen Gibbs, CCRC
Judy Gibson, CCRC
Catherine Gilmore, CCRC
Maria Gloth, CCRC
Santiago Gonzalez, CCRC
Patricia Gonzalez, CCRC
Maria Ximena Graber, CPI
April Green, CCRC
Darilyn Greenhow, CCRC
Melissa Greenleaf, CCRC
Amy Gunnett, CCRC
Erin Hackett, CCRC
Julie Hales, CCRC
Ashley Hall, CCRA
Michael Hamrell, CCRA
Lenita Hanson, CPI
Stephen Harold, CCRC
Katherine Harrison, CCRC
William Hart, CCRA
Margaret Heaton, CCRC
Sarah Heintzman, CCRC
Destiny Heinzig-Cartwright, CCRC
Deirdre Helias, CCRC
Aubrey Hopkins, CCRA
Ashley Hopkins, CCRC
Brooke Hoverman, CCRC
Amber Hull, CCRC
Micah Humphrey, CCRC
Kitra Hunter, CCRC
Lori Indriolo, CCRC
Ingrid Ingram, CCRC
Ma Agnes Ith, CCRC
Neera Jagirdar, CCRC
Katelyn Janicz, CCRC
Floyd Jones, CCRC
Miranda Jones, CCRC
Misty Juarez, CCRC
Shannon Juarez, CCRC
Allison Kelly, CCRC
Yasmine Kieso-Chelico, CCRC
Bobae Kim, CCRA
Yuji Kimura, CCRA
Heidi Kirkpatrick, CCRA
Anina Klein, CCRA
Leslie Korbee, CCRA
Irina Korytov, CCRA
Tatiana Kurilo, CCRC
Dorothy Kwok, CCRA
Giovanna Lancaster, CPI
Geraldine Lara, CCRC
Maria Latsis, CCRC
Lee Ann Lawson, CCRC
Michelle Lazo, CCRC
Amy Lee, CCRA
Melissa Lewis, CCRC
Joseph Lillo, CPI
Olivia Lim, CCRC
Sarah Lindgren, CCRC
May Litt, CCRA
Wendi Long, CCRC
Shelley Long, CCRC
David Lowery, CCRC
Sandra MacNicoll, CCRA
Alison Magnotti-Nagel, CCRA
Kathy Malatesta, CCRC
Domonique Malomo, CCRC
Tarisa Mantia, CCRC
Janet Mauro, CCRC
Jo McCracken, CCRC
Angela Mendez, CCRC
Elena Mengistu, CCRC
Cherie Michaelis, CCRC
Julie Miller, CCRA
Lisa Miller, CCRC
DeAnn Miller, CCRC
Julie Moon, CCRC
Mary Mora, CCRA
Joyce Moran, CCRC
Erin Morones, CCRC
Tanna Morris, CCRC
Elizabeth Morris, CCRC
Dawn Marie Morsey, CCRC
Jennifer Mull, CCRC

Jodi Mullin, CCRA
Hija Mwadini, CCRC
Gonzalo Navarro, CCRA
Crystal Nayock, CCRC
Brenna Nguyen, CCRC
Brittany Nicholl, CCRC
Patricia Noblet, CCRC
Sarah Ortiz, CCRC
Erica Osmundsen, CCRC
Ann Park, CCRA
Grishma Patel, CCRC
Yesenia Pena, CCRC
Claudia Perez, CCRC
Erica Peters, CCRC
Huong Pham, CCRC
Brenda Phifer, CCRC
Nichole Piece, CCRC
Nardeen Pinder, CCRC
Amy Plachetka, CCRA
Jeanette Poehler, CCRC
Leslie Porter, CCRC
Lisa Rafkin, CCRC
Theresa Ramelb, CCRC
Taryn Randall, CCRA
Carrie Rau, CCRC
Katie Rea, CCRC
Nichole Reed, CCRA
Corbett Reinbold, CCRC
Michelle Rencenberger, CCRC
Megan Roberts, CCRC
Steve Robison, CPI
Claudia Roca , CCRC
Carla Ross, CCRC
Susie Sami, CCRC
Yamile Sanchez, CCRC
Laura Sanchez, CCRC
Evangelina Santiago, CCRC
Lizabeth Sauer, CCRA
Kelly Schindelholz, CCRA
Barbara Schliebe, CCRA
Lori Schubert, CCRC
Allyson Schultz, CCRC
Corey Schurman, CCRC
Aimee Scronce, CCRC
Robbin Seago, CCRC
Shawn Searle, CPI
Kathy Seidel, CCRA
Susan Shelton, CCRC
Matthew Sieber, CCRA
Ellen Siglinsky, CCRC
Jenjira Skrei, CCRC
Jessica Skrine, CCRA
Becky Slawik, CCRC
Cathylee Sly, CCRC
Sheri Smarsh, CCRC
Katherine Smith, CCRC
Crystal-Courtney Solomon, CCRC
Angela Soriano, CCRA
Douglas Spaulding, CCRC
Ruth Stein, CCRC
Karen Stephany, CCRC
Mandi Stephenson, CCRC
Joanne Stevens, CCRC
Mary Stevens, CCRA
Chris Steward, CCRA
Crystal Street, CCRC
Kate Strok, CCRA
Mary Sturgeon, CCRC
Susan Swope, CCRC
Wendy Taylor, CCRC
Clara Thomas, CCRC
Anuritha Tirumani, CCRC
Hilary Tonni, CCRC
Liz Urgell, CCRC
Anjani Villa, CCRC
Hope Villegas, CCRC
Kathryn Waitzman, CCRC
Jennifer Walker, CCRC
Ashley Wallace, CCRC
Julia Weaver, CCRC
Lesly Welsh, CCRC
Elizabeth Werner, CCRC
Amy Wheless, CCRC
Sherry Wiggins, CCRC
Jo Anna Williams, CCRC
Kendra Williams, CCRC
Ashley Winters, CCRC
Julie Wolfe, CCRC
Kimberly Woodson, CCRC
Ashley Woosley, CCRC
Farah Zahran, CCRC
Taylor Zimmermann, CCRC

Photograph of Mary Messina-Febres

“I now have the confidence to provide oversight and assistance during all of my investigative site visits and can quote specific regulations when I see errors or deviations that require site re-training. I look forward to many more years of alliance with ACRP while advancing my career in clinical research.”

Mary Messina-Febres, CCRA, ACRP Certified Since 2012

5 Years Certified

Linnea Aasen-Johnston, CP
Yihenew Abetu, ACRP-PM
Richard Abrahamson, CCRA
Anabel Acuna, CCRC
Heather Addington, CP
Maher Addish, CCRA
Tolu Adewuya, CCRC
Brittani Agostini, CCRC
Kashif Ahmed, CP
Adam Al Douri, CP
Sarah Alba, CP
Lilia Aleman, CCRC
Damea Alexander, CCRC
Alexandria Alfarano, CP
Olia Ali, CCRC
Rabia Ali, CP
Deanna Allen, CCRC
Anne Allen, CP
Maria Allman, CCRC
Justin Amburgey, CCRC
Ashley Anderson, CP
Deepthi Annakula, CCRC
Desiree Aragon, CCRC
Kehkashan Arshad, CP
Bev Assman, CP
Jennifer Aucoin, CCRC
Adelphos Azilah, CCRC
Odalys Baez, ACRP-PM
Sarah Baggett, CCRA
Amber Bagherian, CCRC
Linda Bagnata, ACRP-PM
Linda Bagnata, CCRC
Charles Bailey, CCRC
Ikdip Bains, CCRC
Maureen Baird, CP
Melissa Ball, ACRP-PM
Stacie Barczak, CCRC
Amy Bardwell, CCRC
Jessica Bartlett, CCRC
Irma Bauer, CCRC
Alexandra Bauman, CCRC
Melissa Becker, CCRA
Marissa Beidelschies, CCRC
Denise Bennett, ACRP-PM
Danielle Benton, CCRC
Brandon Berens, CCRC
Justine Bernier, CP
Stephanie Berry, CCRA
Debra Bertz, CCRC
Michelle Biedenfeld, ACRP-PM
Jenny Billy, CCRC
Joanne Bilmazes, ACRP-PM
Lauren Bird, CCRC
Kim Birkett, CCRC
Karen Blatter, CCRC
Danielle Bodziony, CCRC
Heather Bogle, CP
Lisa Boone, CCRC
Dudley Allen Boone, CCRA
Mary Bower, CCRC
Jill Boyd, CCRC
Ryan Boylan, CCRA
Beverly Bozek, ACRP-PM
Megan Brady, CCRA
Sandra Brainerd, CCRC
Charita Braker, CCRC
Charita Braker, ACRP-PM
Freda Branch, CCRC
Ron Brand, CCRC
Calvin Brasor, CCRA
Kelli Brazzel, CCRC
Tara Bresnahan, ACRP-PM
Charell Brinkley, CCRC
Anne Britt, CCRC
Maartje Brucculeri, CCRC
Pamela Brule, CP
Julianne Burmester, CCRC
Leslie Byatt, ACRP-PM
Emma Callaghan, CCRC
Allison Calvanese, CCRC
Vilmarie Carmona, CCRC
Jennifer Carpenter, CCRC
Lisa Carson, CCRC
Amy Carswell, CCRC
Amy Cartaya, CP
Matthew Carter, CCRC
Maria Carter, CP
Dianne Carubio-Love, CCRC
Jennifer Castillo, CCRC
Karla Castro, CCRC
Karen Castro, CCRC
Hadaza Catala, CCRC
Liia Catreau, ACRP-PM
Liia Catreau, CP
Samantha Cavolo, CCRC
Kathryn Cejda, CCRC
Mickey Chacon, CCRC
Gift Chareka, CP
Jennifer Chase, CCRC
Praneeth Chebrolu, CP
Yaling Cheng, CCRC
Shirisha Chiluka, ACRP-PM
Kaitlyn Christmas, CCRC
Claudia Christy, CP
Laura Clariday, CCRC
Norbert Clemens, ACRP-PM
Jennifer Cockerham, ACRP-PM
Donna Cole, CP
Kristie Coleman, CCRC
Leonardo Colemon, CP
Brittany Comunale, CCRC
Melissa Conrad, CCRC
Christine Cook, CCRA
Alison Cooper, CP
Rochelle Copeland, ACRP-PM
Nicole Cornell, ACRP-PM
Danielle Cortese, CCRC
Kimberly Costello, CCRC
Emily Coulter, CCRC
Tracy Courtney, ACRP-PM
Mélissa Cousineau, CCRC
Laurel Couture, CCRA
Nicole Couturier, CP
Tammy Cozad, CCRC
Candace Cromer, CCRC
Jodi Crutchleo, CP
Yolaina Cruz, CCRC
Renee Cunanan, CCRC
Echo Cundiff, CCRC
Ashley Curl, CCRC
Elisha Curry, CCRC
LaMonica Daniel, CP
Priscila Dauphin, CCRC
Rachel Davis, CCRC
Suzanne Day, CP
Joan DeCelie- Germana, CPI
Janell DeGiorgio, CCRC
Milady Del Toro Cubillas , CCRC
Alexsandria DeLeon Roark, CCRC
Belkis Delgado, CPI
Gissela Delgado, CCRC
Peak-Kim Dennis, CCRC
Alicia Deschaine, CCRC
Christine Deskovich, CCRC
Danielle Desser, ACRP-PM
Anna Diaz, CCRC
LeiAn Diaz, CCRC
Kerry DiBenardo, CCRC
Elizabeth Diebel, CCRC
Karen Dionne, CCRA
Deirdre Dixon, CCRC
Angela Dorsheimer, CCRC
Sherice Dove, CCRC
Ashleigh Downs, CCRC
Rachel Dowty, CCRC
Elizabeth Dumas, CCRA
Staci Dunbar, CCRA
Jeremy Duncan, CP
Kristin Dunne, CCRC
Katherine Eaton, ACRP-PM
Pantea Ellahi Manesh, CCRA
Lori Elliott, CCRC
Colleen Eskridge, CCRC
Adrianne Evans, CCRC
Teresa Eversole, ACRP-PM
Victor Ezeh, CCRA
Jill Fahner, CCRC
Maria Farberov, CCRC
Anthony Faso, CCRC
Matthew Fenske, CP
Agota Ferenc, CP
Isabel Fernandez, CCRC
Kirstie Ferreira, ACRP-PM
Barbara Ferry, ACRP-PM
Amber Fifer, CP
Estelle Fischer, ACRP-PM
Carrie Fischer, CP
Estelle Fischer, CP
diann fischesser, CCRC
Tammy Fisher, CCRC
Andrea Fitzgerald, CCRC
Kristina Fletty, CCRC
Matthew Flores, CCRC
Victoria Flores, CP
Joanna Flores, CCRC
Shannon Forsberg, CCRC
Diane Fortin, ACRP-PM
Kyle Fortner, ACRP-PM
Kristen Fry, CP
Yasmin Furcal-Veloz, ACRP-PM
Tharuna Gaddam Ramakrishnan, CP
Jenny Garcia, CCRC
Andrea Georgiou, CCRC
Samantha Gettle, CCRC
Melissa Gibson, CCRC
Lisa Giebeig, ACRP-PM
John Gil-Flamer, CCRC
Ashley Ginder, CCRC
Natalia Girard, CCRC
Victor Gisbert, CCRC
Maria Gloth, ACRP-PM

Nicolette Gomez, CCRC
Adrian Goodnough, CCRC
Nadia Goshi, CCRA
Patricia Graham-Borras, CCRC
Maria Carmela Granone, CP
Robert Greco, CP
China Green, CCRC
Alicia Greene, CCRC
Antonio Gutierrez, CCRC
Kylie Guy, CCRC
Grace Ha, CP
Sara Hallowell, CCRA
Jenell Halvorson, CCRC
Jessica Hamilton, CCRC
Deborah Handler, CCRC
Hallie Hank, CCRC
Janet Hargett, ACRP-PM
Maya Harper, CCRC
Pearl Harris, CCRA
Nicholas Harris, ACRP-PM
Caitlin Harrison, CCRC
Tadzia Harvey, CCRC
Melissa Harward, CCRC
Faye Heard, CCRC
Kurt Heidinger, CP
Elizabeth Helm, CCRC
Grace Henderson, CCRC
Vanessa Hendrix, CCRC
Karen Hernandez, CCRA
Anna Hernandez, CCRC
Tara Herrold, CCRC
Kolleen Hicks, CCRC
Kathleen Hicks, CCRC
Sharon Hill, CCRC
Candice Hilla, CCRC
Deborah Hodges, CCRC
Marla Hoelle, ACRP-PM
Jammie Holland, CCRC
susan hood, CCRC
Aggy Hooi, ACRP-PM
Maggie Houchen, CCRC
Jennifer Howgate-Klingaman, CP
Cindy Huff, CCRC
Patti Hunker, CCRA
Rehana Hussain, CP
Leanne Ianniello, CP
Felicia Irvin, CP
Jacob Izquierdo, CCRC
Crystal Jackson, CCRC
Christopher Jackson, CCRA
Nusrat Jahan, CCRC
Pamela Jahelka, CCRC
Jennifer James, CCRC
Crystal James, ACRP-PM
Kelsey Jendrzey, CCRC
Renita Jenkins, CCRC
Michael Jesselson, CCRA
Jincy Jestine, CCRA
Eva Jiang, ACRP-PM
Flor Jimenez-Thomas, CCRC
Sharon Johnson, ACRP-PM
Gina Johnson, CP
Amanda Johnson, CCRC
QShawna Johnson, CCRC
Kelli Jones, CCRC
Sadie Josephs, ACRP-PM
Kimberly Kaczor, ACRP-PM
Rajanikanth Kandula, CCRC
Alexander Kansky, CCRA
Amela Karadzic, CCRC
Hideki Katayama, CCRA
Joann Katz, CCRC
Mia Katz, CCRC
Tisha Kawahara, CP
Ashley Keller, CCRC
Rachel Kelly, CP
Ashley Kennedy, CCRC
Diana Kerwin, CPI
Uzma Khan, CCRC
Shama Khan, CCRC
Raven Kidd, CCRC
Toshio Kimura, CCRA
Tessa Kirkpatrick, CCRC
Kendall Kirsch, CCRA
Danika Klaus, CCRC
Michelle Knight, ACRP-PM
Kelsie Kofoed, CCRC
Viktor Kolesnichenko, CCRA
Bruce Konicek, CP
Vijayalakshmi Kory, CCRC
Jessica Kracker, CCRC
Kelli Krallman, ACRP-PM
Andrea Krautwurst, CCRC
Tammy Krol, CCRC
Meighan Krows, ACRP-PM
Alyson Kwon, ACRP-PM
Rita Labbett, CCRC
Rita Labbett, CCRC
Kim Lacy, CCRC
Jolene Lalas, CCRC
Otto Lam, CP
Jocelyn LaMar, CCRC
Staci Lange, CCRC
Melissa Lanham, CCRC
Maria Latsis, ACRP-PM
Michelle Laubach, CCRC
Hafeez Lawal, CCRA
Matthew Lee, CCRC
Alexandra Lee, CCRC
Bienvenida Lee, ACRP-PM
Kate Lee, CCRA
Scott Leedy, CCRC
Jayme Leger, CCRC
Stephan Lehmann, CCRA
Sarah Lemmage, CCRC
Lisa Lenker, CCRC
Zaida Leon, CP
Hubert Lesur, CCRC
Lisa Leuzzi, ACRP-PM
Richard Levin, CPI
Amy Librant, CCRC
Elona Liko Hazizi, CP
Shirley Lilavois, CCRC
Mei-Hui Lin, ACRP-PM
Li-Jeng Lin, CCRC
Jennifer Lipofsky, CCRC
Jacqueline Lobien, CP
Jessi Lott, CCRC
Larissa Loufman, CCRC
David Lowery, CP
Miriam Lucca-Susana, CCRC
Patrick Lyons, CCRA
Michelle Mackenzie, CCRC
Della MacNicholas, CCRC
Laura Madarasz, CCRC
Philip Maglo, CCRC
Tasha Mahadi AB, CP
Andrea Maisonneuve, CP
Banessa Maldonado, CCRA
Kevin Mammino, CCRC
Patricia Manderscheid, CP
Sara Manning, ACRP-PM
Kristi Mapes, CCRC
Elisa Maples, CCRC
Maura Maria, ACRP-PM
Simona Marin, CCRC
Ion Marinescu, CCRC
Antonio Marrero, CCRC
Sara Marsico, CCRC
Emmett Martin, CCRC
Anne Martin, CCRC
Vicki Martinez, CCRC
Paola Martinez, CCRC
Katalin Martits-Chalangari, CP
Garnette Mason, CCRC
Elizabeth Masteller, CCRC
Jennifer Masula, CCRC
Katie May, CCRC
Kristine Mayberry, CCRA
Ijeoma Mba, CCRC
Jordan McCoy, CCRC
Kathleen McCullough, CCRC
Kimberly McDonald, CP
Kristine McGowan, CCRC
John McGuire, ACRP-PM
Jennifer McLeland, ACRP-PM
Tracy Meiners, CP
Gretchen Meise, CCRC
Kristin Melendrez Armstrong, CCRC
Tanya Meletlides, CCRC
Laura Menck, ACRP-PM
Felipe Mendez, ACRP-PM
Gae Meyer, CP
Andrew Michael, CCRC
Sharon Michalovic, CCRC
Amani Mikail, ACRP-PM
Paula Miller, CP
Joyce Miller, ACRP-PM
Carrie Miller, CCRA
Sandra Mitchell, CCRC
Katherine Mitchell, CCRC
Sherri Mizrahy, CCRC
Marina Moldavskiy, CP
Mansura-Yasmin Moledina, CCRC
Danielle Monclova, CCRC
Milka Monegro, CCRC
Stacey Montero, CCRC
Dawn Montoya, CCRC
Erica Moore, CCRC
Amanda Moore, CCRA
Joseph Mosholder, CCRC
Constance Moussouris, CCRC
Anna Mueller, CCRC
Bianca Mullen, CP
Selly Mulyadi, CCRA
Rebecca Murray, CCRC
Teresa Murrell-Bohn, ACRP-PM
Alisha Mussetter, CP
Matthew Myers, CCRA
Jennifer Nagg, CCRC

Shinichi Nakajima, CCRC
Elena Nelson, CCRC
Melanie Nelson, CCRC
Jefferey Newcomb, ACRP-PM
Miranda Newell, CP
Beverly Newlove, CCRC
Lindsay Newton, CCRC
Ana Nguyen, CCRC
Wendy Nichols, CCRC
Virginia Nido, CP
Dusan Nikolic-Dorschel, CCRC
Kristin Novak, CCRC
Marilyn Ocampo, CCRC
Sharon O’Connor, CCRC
Robert O’Connor, CP
Tinuke Odugbesan, CP
Ugochukwu Okpara, CCRA
Kaylan Olds, ACRP-PM
Tanya Olson, CCRC
Kaho Onomichi, CCRC
Stephen Orlich, CP
Juanita Ottaway, CCRA
Akemi Ozawa, CCRC
Patricia Pacheco, CCRC
Krissa Packard, CP
Prakruthi Palepu, CCRA
Jennifer Palmer, CCRC
Mary Panozzo, ACRP-PM
Melissa Panzo, CCRC
kevin parikh, CP
Fred Parrish, CCRC
Dexter Pasis, CP
Arpit Patel, CCRC
Amie Patel, CCRC
Matthew Patterson, CP
Gloryna Paul, CP
Mary Pautler, CP
Christina Payne, CCRC
Triniece Pearson, CCRC
Amanda Perreault, CCRC
Erica Peters, ACRP-PM
Olga Petrovitch, CP
Kristin Peyton, CP
Chantale Phillips, CCRA
Christine Pilar, ACRP-PM
Lauri Pixley, ACRP-PM
Joshua Plassmeyer, CP
Roxana Ploski, ACRP-PM
Nancy Polakiewicz, CCRC
Maria Porras, CCRC
Sandra Porter, CCRC
Steven Powell, CCRC
Yoel Prieto, CCRC
Jennifer Pruitt, CCRC
Jatinder Pruthi, CPI
Jacqueline Pulitano, ACRP-PM
Chunfang Qiu, CCRC
Monica Queener, CCRA
Kara Quinnelly, CCRC
Emily Ragozzino, CCRC
Ekaterina Rait, CCRC
Manasi Rajagopal, CCRC
Anna Ralston, CCRC
Maida Ramallo, CCRC
Kevin Ramdas, CP
Elizabeth Ramey, CCRC
Kassandra Ramirez, CCRC
Nidhi Rathi, CP
Alexis Ready, CCRC
Nichole Reed, ACRP-PM
Deanne Reyes, CCRC
Marta Reyna, CCRC
Louise Rice, CCRA
Kathleen Rickes, ACRP-PM
Megan Rienderhoff, CCRA
Kayla Riley, CCRC
Lisandra Rivera, CP
Andrew Roberts, CCRC
Scott Rodgers, ACRP-PM
Keishia Rodriguez, ACRP-PM
Crystalann Rodriguez, CCRC
Andrea Rodriguez, CCRC
Diana “Susie” Roeder, CCRC
Tammy Root, CCRC
Corinna Rose, CCRC
Deborah Rosenbaum, CP
Raquel Rosero, CCRC
Kendra Rowe, CCRC
Scott Rubinstein, CCRC
Krista Russell, ACRP-PM
Heather Rylance, CCRC
Alicia Sable-Hunt, ACRP-PM
Jayme Salimbene, CCRC
Kunal Sampat, CP
Dory Sample, CP
Danieska Sandino, ACRP-PM
Carol Scavarda, CCRC
Cynthia Schadow, CP
Sherrie Schenning, CCRA
Chris Schultz, ACRP-PM
Lauren Schwab, CCRC
Michele Scialla, CCRC
Sabrina Selvaggi, CCRA
Taressa Sergent, CCRC
Rehma Shabbir, CP
Esther Shamir, ACRP-PM
Laura Sharp, CCRC
Landria Sheffey, CCRA
Catherine Sherwin, CPI
Xinmei Shi, CCRA
Elliot Shin, CPI
Pamela Shonk, ACRP-PM
Svitlana Shylman, CCRC
Oghenevovwero Sido, CCRC
Patsy Simon, ACRP-PM
Sahana Simon, CP
Ryan Sinit, CCRC
Bobbi Skiles, CCRC
Ashleigh Skipper, CCRC
Billie Slater, CCRC
Cathylee Sly, CP
Edgar Smeets, ACRP-PM
Shayna Smith, CCRC
Chelsey Smith, CP
Karlie Smith, CCRC
Craig Smith, ACRP-PM
Kimberly Sottero, CCRA
Misty Spangler, CCRC
Darian Sparks, CP
Nicole Sprouse, CCRC
Erica Stallard, CCRC
Nickie Stangel, CCRC
Jerry Stein, CP
Joanne Stevens, CP
Chelsea Stewart, CCRC
Samantha Stinemetz, CCRC
Victoria Stokes, CCRC
Guobin Su, CPI
Nour Sukar, CCRC
Ashley Sullivan, CCRA
Genella Swanigan, CCRA
Charles Sydnor, CP
Masayuki Takahashi, ACRP-PM
Natsuki Takahashi, CCRA
Hooi Chiao Tan, CCRC
Brittany Tanner, CCRA
Prechus Taylor, CCRC
Erin Theis, CP
Elissa Thomas, ACRP-PM
Drew Thomas, CCRC
Lynne Thompson, CCRC
Misty Thompson, CCRC
Nicki Tieken, CP
Deborah Tinlin, CCRC
Revathi Tirughana, CP
Kelsey Titus, CCRC
Tracee To, CCRC
MeeLee Tom, CP
Melissa Tomsik, CCRA
Corinna Tordillos, CCRC
Courtney Trafford, CCRC
Stacey Trawicki, CCRC
Megan Tribout, CCRC
Kate Trigg, CCRC
Carolina Troche, CCRC
Joseph Tseng, ACRP-PM
Tamara Tulowitzky-Ryan, CCRC
Minette Ty, CP
Gloria Valentin, ACRP-PM
Erin Vanderhoof, CCRC
Swathi Vasan, CP
Suyeon Velo, CCRC
Jodi Ventimiglia, CCRC
Gail Waltz, CCRC
Janice Wang, CPI
Heather Ward, CCRC
Richard Ward, CCRC
Alyssa Waugh, CCRC
Elizabeth Weaver, CP
Heather Webb, ACRP-PM
Amber Wenzel, CCRC
Jennifer Whitehead, CCRC
Tara Whittaker, CCRC
Zoe Wickham, CCRC
Sarah Wilder Hussain, CCRC
Donica Williams, CCRA
Veronica Williams, CCRC
Sarah Williamson, ACRP-PM
Jordan Wilson, CCRC
Sarah Wilson, CCRA
Susan Woodard, ACRP-PM
Jennifer Woodward, CP
Brook Wright, CCRC
Judy Wu, ACRP-PM
Rita Yankyera, CCRC
Jun Yao, CP
Colten Youngblood, CCRC
Michelle Yuan, CCRC
Kyong Yun, CP
Linda Zukley, ACRP-PM

Photograph of Kail Denison

“Being certified by ACRP demonstrates that I have a high level of knowledge and competency, and a desire to continue to grow as a professional. I have been told by sponsors, CROs, SMOs and sites that being certified is one of the key components they look for when looking to hire and that sets me apart from other competitors in the field.”

Kail Denison, CCRC, ACRP Certified Since 2002

The Gold Standard & The Qualifications to Prove It

ACRP Certified professionals say their achievement results in greater confidence and responsibility on the job, more employment and career growth opportunities, and promotions, bonuses, and salary increases.

Start your next journey by learning more about ACRP’s flagship certifications and subspecialty credentials.

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ACRP Certified Professional

ACRP-CP® is a credential formally recognizing clinical research professionals of all types, regardless of their roles or functional activities on the clinical study team.

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Certified Clinical Research Associate

CCRA® is a credential formally recognizing clinical research professionals with experience monitoring and supervising the conduct and progress of clinical trials on behalf of a sponsor.

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Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

CCRC® is a credential formally recognizing clinical research professionals with experience coordinating and facilitating clinical trial activities in adherence to GCP, under the direction of a principal investigator.

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