The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP Certification Milestone Achievers

ACRP honors the 2022 Certification Milestone Achievers, an exclusive group of nearly 1,700 professionals who have consistently proven their commitment to conducting clinical trials safely, ethically, and to the highest standard.

Congratulations to all on this remarkable achievement.


30 Years Certified

Dianne Androsuk, CCRC
Bryan Baker, CCRC
Patti Becherer, CCRC
Cynthia Buda, CCRC
Nancy Clare, CCRC

Susan Donahue, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Rita Hench, CCRC
Elizabeth Judd, CCRC
Linda Shearier, CCRC
Debra Smejdir, CCRC
Diane Smith, CCRC, CCRA

Cynthia Soto-Azghani, CCRC
Marianne Spevak, CCRC, CCRA
Debbie Waldrop, CCRC
Diane Whisnant, CCRC
Edith Wombolt, CCRC

Photograph of Dolores McCall

“I strongly believe that certification is a crucial step for anyone who wants to succeed in clinical research. It demonstrates your commitment to the profession, enhances your credibility, and helps you stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices. Obtaining my certification not only validated my knowledge and expertise in the field, but also opened up new opportunities and helped advance my career.”

Dolores McCall, BS, MBA, MHA, CCRA, ACRP Certified Since 1997

25 Years Certified

Cynthia Abath, CCRC
Belinda Adamson, CCRC
Alberto Alonso, CCRC, CCRA, CPI
Alberto Alonso, CCRC, CCRA, CPI
Ardith Ambrose, CCRC
Camille Anderson, CCRA
Amy Ascher, CCRA
Brian Barnes, CCRA
Caryn Bernstein, CCRC
Cynthia Bittlinger, CCRA
Susan Bosworth-Farrell, CCRC
Beverly Bright, CCRA
Shay Brill, CCRA
Mary Brown, CCRC, CCRA
Mary Brown, CCRC, CCRA
Lynda Lee Burch, CCRA
Anne Burgess, CCRC
Yvonne Cannon, CCRC
Tina Cartagena, CCRC, CCRA
Susan Caskey, CCRC
Connie Cerullo, CCRC
Huaguo Chao, CCRC
Michelle Christiano, CCRC
Karen Correa, CCRA
Lynn Craggs, CCRC
Elisabeth De Blieck, CCRC
Kim Decker, CCRC
Lisa Donitzen, CCRC
Kelly Dornin-Koss, CCRC
Debbie Eichelberger, CCRC
Fang Fang, CCRA

Cindy Fischer, CCRC
Doreen Francis, CCRC
Ivana Furimsky, CCRC
Antoinette Gardner, CCRC
Georgettea Geuss, CCRC
Diane Gill, CCRA
Dawn Goodrich, CCRA
E. Darlene Harbour, CCRC
Leann Harris, CCRC
Marria Hegel, CCRC
Suzanne Holbach, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Candace Hudspeth, CCRC
Mandi Humann, CCRA
Mary Idso, CCRC
Frank Jacobs, CCRC
Cheryl Jensen, CCRC
Chandrika Jeyamohan, CCRC
Laurie Johnson, CCRC
Marlene Kern, CCRC
Jennifer Lehmann, CCRC
Elizabeth Lignell, CCRA, CCRC
Brian Long, CCRC, CCRA
Geraldine Lucas, CCRC
Sheri Lyver, CCRC
Diane Marritt, CCRA
Rebecca Marushia, CCRC
Dee Mccall, CCRA
Leslie Mellor, CCRC
Lori Merlotti, CCRC
Cathy Metcalfe, CCRC, CCRA
Mary Mills, CCRA
Ann Mitchell, CCRC

Deborah Moore, CCRC
Sheila O’Neal, CCRC
Beverly Orsak, CCRC
Tracey Osborn, CCRC
Marty Osbourn, CCRC
Raymond Panas, CCRA
Terry Peltier-Siemers, CCRC
Lauri Pixley, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Lori Rawlings, CCRC
Stephanie Ressell, CCRC, CCRA
Kathleen Ripp, CCRA
Patrice Robertson, CCRC
April Rusch, CCRC
Patti Sanchez Emery, CCRC
Barbara Schliebe, CCRC, CCRA
Susan Smith, CCRC
Therese Smudzin, CCRC
Ellen Spelman, CCRC
Darby Suess, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Melvia Sykes, CCRC, CCRA
Theresa Thomas, CCRC
Elissa Thomas, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Deborah Usrey, CCRC
Ofelia Vargas-Shiraishi, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Deborah Waller, CCRC
Debbie Warner, CCRC
Sara Watson, CCRA
Kathleen Watts, CCRA
Dana Wilkins, CCRC
Tracy Williams, CCRC
Susan Woodard, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Maria Zamora, CCRC, CCRA

Photograph of Suzanne Kincaid

“ACRP Certification is a milestone achievement I am proud of, and it’s a way of showing my dedication to protecting human subjects and conducting high quality clinical research. ACRP Certification is just as important to me today as it was 20 years ago when I first achieved ACRP Certification.”

Suzanne Kincaid, CCRA, ACRP-PM, FACRP, ACRP Certified Since 2002

20 Years Certified

Tina Abell, CCRC
Bridget Adams, CCRA
Lawrence Adler, CPI
Michele Aguirre, CCRC
Lynette Aleman, CCRA
Margaret Andrew, CCRC
Brita Andrews, CCRC
Charles Andrews, CPI
Patricia Arraraz, CCRA
Jennifer Bacchi, CCRC
Jewell Baker, CCRC
Tammy Bator, CCRC
Sandra Beam, CCRC
Amy Boucher, CCRC
Rita Bouley, CCRC
Lorraine Breuer, CCRC
Deanna Buffill, CCRC
Joanne Burgess, CCRC
Nadine Caci, CCRC
Laurie Cariveau, CCRC
Lisa Carothers, CCRC
Gloria Carreon, CCRC
Carol Carulli, CCRC
Alice Cass, CCRA
Ruben Ceballos, CCRA
Terry Chamberlin, CCRA
Debora Clay, CCRC
Cindy Coates, CCRC
Donna Cockrell, CCRC
Jeanine Coffman, CCRC
Eileen Colvin, CCRC
Sean Connery, CCRC
Jeffrey Crawford, CCRC
Jose De La Gandara, CPI
Kail Denison, CCRC
Susan DeRamus, CCRC
Mary Dillard, CCRC
Anne Dobratz, CCRC
Kathleen Dowd, CCRC
Anita Duncan, CCRA
Amy Dye, CCRC
Stacy Ellsworth, CCRC
Hugh Findlay, CCRA
Susan Flanagan, CCRC
John Fortson , CCRC
Jennifer Frantz-Levine, CCRA
Carol Frazier, CCRC
Sandra Freeman, CCRC
Vicki Garabedian, CCRC
Sharon Goldberg, CCRC
Steven Gordon, CCRC, CCRA

Jennifer Gorny, CCRA
Kerry Grann, CCRA
Robert Greco, CCRA, ACRP-CP
Glenda Guest, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Michel Guillon, CPI
Richard Gurrola, CCRC, CCRA
Ann Guthery, CCRC
Kimberli Hall, CCRC
Grant Harrer, CPI
Jill Hiebert, CCRC
Janna Hilligoss, CCRC
Nancy Hinchion, CCRC
Deborah Holmes-Rees, CCRC
Mark Holodniy, CPI
Staci Horvath, CCRA
Christine Hoyer, CCRA
Mon Hsia Liu, CCRC
Randall Huling, CPI
Sharon Johnson, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Christine Jumper, CCRA
Cindy Karl, CCRC
Mary Kerr, CCRC
Ashlee Kirchoff, CCRC
Brenda Kirpach, CCRA
Terry Klein, CPI
Karen Ladnier, CCRC
James Laing, CCRA
Jennifer Laskowski, CCRA
Eric Lawitz, CPI
Patricia Lewis, CCRC
Kathryn Lindsay, CCRC
Karen Lindsley, CCRC
Donald Lobacz, CCRC
Karen Longtine, CCRC
Deborah Loope, CCRC
Susan Lucas, CCRC, CCRA
Vickie Maine, CCRC, CCRA
Marsha Malloy, CCRC
Margaret Mathews, CCRA
Melissa Mau, CCRA
Laurie McBane, CCRA
Anne McDonough, CCRA
Sandra McLeroy, CCRC, CCRA
Catherine Meldrum, CCRC
Rebecca Meraz, CCRC
Georgann Meredith, CCRC
Kimberly Michaels, CCRC
Lisa Miglietta, CCRA
Karrie Mitchell, CCRC
Kerry Moore, CCRC
Judith Murray, CCRC

Linda Murray, CPI
Sara Murray, CCRC
John Murray, CPI
Marshall Nash, CPI
Tina Ours, CCRC
Susan Owen, CCRC
Teri Paris, CCRC
Sonija Parker, CCRC
Dawn Pedinelli, CCRC
Alice Petersen, CCRA
Jennifer Phillips, CCRC
Hilda Pomroy, CCRC
Julie Prettyman, CCRC
Belen Puleo-Scheppke, CCRA
Deborah Quigley, CCRA
Rebecca Radzivill, CCRC
Jacqueline Raymond-Rock, CCRA
Melissa Reynolds, CCRC
Kristin Reynolds, CCRC
Deborah Richards, CCRA
Cheryl Rindfleisch, CCRC, CCRA
Michele Schrett, CCRA
Lynette Schultz, CCRC
Mary Jane Scofield, CCRC
Robert Scroggs, CCRA
Linda Seibert, CCRC
Judith Seymour, CCRC
Sue Shapiro, CCRC
Karen Sherer, CCRC
Min Shi, CCRC
Stacy Smith, CPI
Frederick Smith, CCRA
Donna Sorokti, CCRA
Lynette Storlie, CCRC, CCRA
Arisa Sunio, CCRA
Lillian Sutton, CCRA
Donna Sylvester, CCRC
Marion Thomas, CCRA
Stacy Thompson, CCRC
Renee Towns, CCRA
Karen Vejvoda, CCRC
Lisa Wallerstein, CCRC, CCRA
Gladice Wallraven, CCRA
Laura Wilkes, CCRC
Kimberly Wilson, CCRA
Hector Wiltz, CPI
Jeri Winslow-McFarland, CCRC
Suzanne Winter, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Cindy Witucki, CCRC
Lela Wohlford, CCRA
Jennie Wolf, CCRA

Photograph of Cindy Coates

“Maintaining my ACRP Certification brings a sense of pride and sets my clinical research career apart from others in the industry. I committed myself long ago to the key principles of Good Clinical Practice in order to be an example and inspiration to others.”

Cindy Coates BS, CCRC, ACRP Certified Since 2002

15 Years Certified

Michelle Acker, CCRC
Jennifer Adams, CCRA
Benjamin Adetunji, CCRC
Heather Aiona, CCRC
Alberto Alonso, CCRC, CCRA, CPI
Niran Amar, CPI
Brenda Anderson, CCRC
Molly Andrina, CCRA
Farah Atassi, CCRC
Brianna Atkinson, CCRC
Julie Avina, CCRA
Catherine Badia, CCRC
Shannon Bahn, CCRC, CCRA
Carrie Bailey, CCRC
Silvia Balladares-Huete, CCRC
Lynn Bartholow, CCRC
Sandra Bartosik, CCRC
Amy Bell, CCRC
April Bell, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Juergen Bergemann, CCRA
Susan Biggs Cicatelli, CCRC
Christin Billings, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Rose Ann Bingham, CCRC
Christine Birchbauer, CCRC
Melissa Bjornson, CCRC
Kimberlyn Bocchicchia, CCRC
Jodie Bond Ploetz, CCRA
Jennifer Bookey, CCRC
John Borzy, CCRC
Joseph Boscia, CPI
Genei Bougher, CCRC
Mary Jo Bradley, CCRC
Karen Bratcher, CCRC
Sharon Briggs, CCRC
Angela Brookman, CCRC
Miriam Brooks, CCRC
Jane Buice, CCRC
Wendy Burke, CCRC
Laurie Burnside, CCRC
Lindy Bussell, CCRC
Ivette Cabrera, CCRC
Jaclyn Cacia, CCRC
Janice Campbell-Loss, CCRC
Amanda Campora, CCRA
Tammy Capozzoli, CCRC
Monique Carignan, CCRC
Laurie Cartwright, CCRC
Paige Castaneda, CCRC
Mario Castillo, CCRC
Kevin Chan, CCRA
Cindi Charles, CCRC
Ines Chicos, CCRC
Amy Christian, CCRC
Anjali Chudasama, CCRA
Stacy Claesges, CCRC
Monica Cleghorn, CCRC
Nadine Clervoix, CCRC
Thomas Clinkscales, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Martha Coggins, CCRC
Terri Colone, CCRC
Terri Cone, CCRC
Alisa Constance, CCRA
Anisoara Cotarlan-Nistor, CCRC
Kristin Cote, CCRA
Donna Cowan, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Sonia Cummings, CCRC
Jennifer Cuvo, CCRC
Amy Cywinski, CCRA
Timothy Dahl, CCRC
Kimberly Dall, CCRC, CCRA
Erin Dallas, CCRC
Ahmed Dalmar, CPI
Cheryl Dalton, CCRC
Rhonda Dase, CCRC
Kathi Dastoli, CCRC
Summer Davis, CCRC
Liezl De La Cruz, CCRC
Sarah Deer, CCRA
Beena Desai, CCRC
Nicole Di Tullio-Merrill, CCRC
Renee Dickerson, CCRC
Anita DiDonna, CCRC
Michael Digiovanna, CPI
Michelle Dixon, CCRC
Jennifer Dizes, CCRC
Sandra Dodd, CCRC
Sally Duffy, CCRA
Janine Dyer, CCRA
Karen E. Renaud, CCRC
Diane Eannotti, CCRC
Scott Eder, CPI
Melissa Ellis, CCRC
Holly Ernst, CCRC
Dana Faircloth, CCRC
Shelli Farley, CCRC
Beverly Farmer, CCRC
Carole Farrell, CCRA
Wenona Favors, CCRC
Gregory Feldman, CPI
Jennifer Ferris, CCRC
Bruce Finkel, CPI
Isaac Fleming, CCRC
Claudia Flores, CCRC
Nancy Flores, CCRC
Anne Foley, CCRC
Cynthia Forrest, CCRC, CCRA
Denise Forster, CCRC
Kristen Fox, CCRC
Carmen Franco-Cline, CCRC
Melanie Frees, CCRC
Joy Frestedt, CPI
Juellisa Gadd, CCRC
Johanna Gajarsa, CCRC, CCRA
Margaret-Beth Gallagher, CCRA
Jacqueline Gardner, CCRC
Cheri Gauldin, CCRC
Georgann Geiser, CCRC
Valerie Ghanemi, CCRC, CCRA
Jennifer Gilmore, CCRC
Mable Glover, CCRC
Philip Golden, CCRA
Michael Gonevski, CCRC
Haymara Gonzalez, CCRC, CPI
Arlet Gonzalez, CCRA
Tay Goodrich, CCRA
Leslie Gordineer, CCRC
Heather Grafner, CCRC
Pamela Grant, CCRC
Farrah Greenawalt, CCRA

Cynthia Greenwell, CCRC
Kimberly Griffin, CCRC
Karen Grinzaid, CCRC
Laura Grosick, CCRA
Bonnie Gutierrez, CCRC
Sharon Haaser, CCRC
Evonne Hancock, CCRC
Heather Hanson, CCRC
April Hanyok, CCRC
Nasrin Haq, CCRC
Toni Harbour, CCRC
Brandy Haydel, CCRC
Nancy Heaston, CCRC
Debra Henderson, CCRC
Patricia Hernandez, CCRC
Hannah Hernandez, CCRC
Susan Herzog, CCRA
Lindsey Hill, CCRC
John Hill, CPI
Mary Hipona, CCRA
Marcia Hodik, CCRC
Jolee Holt, CCRC
Annamarie Horan, CCRC, CPI, ACRP-MDP
Patti Hunker, CCRC, CCRA
Dana Ivanco, CCRC
Sherly Jacob-Perez, CCRC
Laura Jacobus, CCRC
Crystal James, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Anhaita Jamula, CCRC
Judy Jean, CCRC
Wendy Jenkins, CCRC
Amy Jimmerson, CCRA
Anna Johnson, CCRC
William Johnston, CCRC
Mary Elizabeth Jones, CCRC
Kayleen Joyce, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Loretta Joyce, CCRC
Angela Junkins, CCRC
Joy Jurnack, CCRC
Bilal Kanth, CCRC
Steven Kaster, CPI
Laurie Kear, CCRC
Leslie Kemp, CCRC, CCRA
Joseph Kennard, CCRC
Erin Kennedy, CCRC
Juli Kidd, CCRC
Janet King, CCRC
David Kitscha, CCRC, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Nicole Knutson, CCRA
Jennifer Koehrsen, CCRC
Andrea Korsnack, CCRC
Mark Koscin, CCRA
Steven Kosmach, CCRC
Myriam Krick, CCRA
Cristina Lage, CCRC
Kathleen Lake, CCRC
Barbara Lane, CCRC
Dawn Laney, CCRC
Elizabeth Larson, CCRA
Gregory Larson, CCRC
Theresia Lee, CPI
Megan Lemanczyk, CCRC
Jennifer Leonard, CCRC
Christine Leone, CCRC
Jeri Lichtenwalner, CCRC
Lesley Lightsey, CCRC
Barbara Lilly, CCRC
Yishun Lin, CCRC
Lorraine Lindsey, CCRC
Angela Link, CCRC
Nancy Lockhorn, CCRA
Janette Loera, CCRC
Lisa Lopez, CCRC
Katrina Lopez, CCRC
Jesse Loudin, CCRC
Rebecca Lounsbury, CCRA
Jason Love, CCRC
Ann Lovelace, CCRC, ACRP-CP
Stephanie Lowenhaupt, CCRC
Sarah Lyons, CCRC
Cecile Madden, CCRC
Phillip Madonia, CPI
Kimberly Mai, CCRC
Elizabeth Makino, CCRA
Patricia Manjarrez, CCRC
Mozhdeh Marandi, CCRC
Hipolito Mariano, CPI
Alba Marin, CCRA
Erika Marmolejo, CCRC
Lisa Massie, CCRC
Susan Mauro, CCRC
Aspasia Mayorga, CCRA
Frank McCafferty, CPI
Karen McCutcheon, CCRC
Christina McGee, CCRC, CCRA
Christine McNett, CCRC
Ann Mehrhof, CCRC
Jose Joel Alejandro Mellado-Balderas, CCRA
Diane Mercer, CCRC
Angela Mesa, CCRC
Catherine Meza, CCRC
Laura Micciche, CCRC
Marilyn Miller, CCRC
Therica Miller, CCRC
Joyce Miller, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Laurence Milon, CCRA
Annette Minthorn, CCRC, CCRA
Carolyn Moeller, CCRC
Elizabeth Moles, CCRC, CCRA
Sharon Moliver, CCRC
Allison Moore, CCRC
Deidre Mooring, CCRC
Shehnaz Moosa, CCRC
Kathleen Moriarty, CCRA
David Morin, CPI
Deborah Morrison, CCRC
Paula Mueller, CCRA
Judy Mullennax, CCRA
Nancy Mumaw, CCRA
Ann Murphy, CCRA
Jessica Myers, CCRC
Karen Mylerberg, CCRC
Poorna Nagarajan, CCRC
Deborah Neimanis, CCRC
Cathy Newbill, CCRA
Debbie Nguyen, CCRC
Lora Nordstrom, CCRC
Debra Norwood, CCRC
Kristy O’Connell, CCRC
Mikki O’Neal, CCRC

Ann O’Neal, CCRC
Joan Olgers, CCRC
Sandra Oliphant, CCRC
Summer Oswald, CCRC
Aruna Parikh, CCRC
Tracy Parsons, CCRA
Socorro Pata, CCRC
Donna Patrick, CCRC
Nicole Peccerelli, CCRC
Talia Perlman, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Linda Peterson, CCRA
Bryan Petrisko, CCRA
Jessie Pierre, CCRC
Evelyn Piloto, CCRC
Angella Pitts, CCRC
Pamela Plummer, CCRC
Francoise Poli, CCRC
Sarah Pollak, CCRC
Subhashini Poola, CCRC
Carol Post, CCRA
Katelyn Powers, CCRA
Alissa Prochniak, CCRC
Kristen Prospect, CCRC
Julie Qidwai, CCRC
Alison Randall, CCRC
Aloma Ratnasoma, CCRA
Jonathan Rice, CCRC, CCRA
Joseph Richardson, CCRC
Patricia Riddle, CCRC
Katrina Riggs, CCRA
Jennifer Ripple, CCRA
Donna Roberts, CCRC
Maria Jovie Rodriguez, CCRC
LeeAnn Ronca, CCRA
Kandice Roush, CCRC
Wendy Rubach, CCRC
Erin Rudzinski, CCRA
Krista Russell, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Terri Ryan, CCRC
Stephanie Ryan, CCRC
Pamela Rynes, CCRC
Diane Sabogal, CCRC
Marita Salazar-Lim, CCRA
Margaret Sanborn, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Diane Santini-Bashton, CCRC
Mary Lou Sauer, CCRC
Tanuja Saxena, CCRA
Karen Sceniak, CCRC
Theresa Schnurr, CCRC
Kathleen Schultz, CCRA
ReBecca Seabolt, CCRC
Tina Seaman, CCRA
Maryellen Sepelya, CCRA
Pramod Sethi, CPI
Dawn Shaddinger, CCRC
Surabhi Sharma, CCRC
Cheryl Sheets, CCRC
Candace Shelton, CCRA
Andrea Shevchuk, CCRA
Winnie Shih, CCRA
Anna Shipp, CCRC
Janet Shuping, CCRC
Maria Simula, CCRA
Hillarie Slater, CCRC
Laura Smith, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Gwen Sondgeroth, CCRC
James Sparks, CCRC
Julia Spears, CCRC
Lynval Spencer, CCRC
Leslie Stevens, CCRC
Rita Stiles, CCRC
Jo Carole Stromme, CCRA
Barbara Taylor, CCRC
Susan Teasley, CCRC
Mary Theodoroff, CCRC
Monique Thompson, CCRC
Neelam Thukral, CCRC
Joanne Thurber, CCRC
Gemma Torguet Omedes, CCRA
Anthony Torre, CCRA
Chi-Chun Tsai, CPI
Yong Tsai, CPI
Derek Tucker, CCRA
Heidi Tucker, CCRA
Deborah Tunick, CCRC
Maggie Turner, CCRC
Susan Valley, CCRC
Alberto Vasquez, CPI
Jennifer Victory, CCRC
Michele Vincitore, CCRC
Benjamin Von Harz, CCRA
Pramod Vora, CCRC, CCRA
Jane Vroom, CCRC
Gertrude Vuong, CCRC
Dawnell Wachta, CCRA
Duke Wagner, CCRC
Robin Waite, CCRA
Abigail Waite, CCRA
Brenda Wallinger, CCRC
Kim Walter, CCRC
Deborah Warren, CCRC, ACRP-CP
Robin Wasielewski, CCRC
Cheryl Weaver, CCRC, CCRA
Leslie Wells, CCRA
Heather Wendorf, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Anna White, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Judith White, CPI
Tracy White, CCRA
Joan Whitted, CCRC
Daryl Williams, CPI
Stephanie Wilson, CCRC
Ingrid Winter, CCRA
Claudia Wisman, CCRC
Kimberly Wold, CCRC
Roxanne Wood, CCRC
Carol Woodburn, CCRC, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Kelly Woodell, CCRC
Stacy Woodward, CCRC
Rachell Wright, CCRC, CCRA
Krista Wright, CCRC
Jennifer Wurgler, CCRC
James Wymer, CPI
Margaret Yakim, CCRA
Nelleke Yarbrough, CCRA
Jay Yockelson, CCRA
Heather Young, CCRC
Courtney Yount-Malone, CCRC, CCRA
Adriane Zernhelt, CCRC

Photograph of Takahiro Sakai

“My ACRP Certification gave me great confidence about clinical trials. ACRP Certification shows my knowledge and experience.” 

Takahiro Sakai, CCRC, ACRP Certified Since 2017

10 Years Certified

Amy Abreu, CCRC
Amanda Alonso, CCRC
Debbie Amendolare, CCRC
Denise Ammons, CCRC
Felice Anderson, CCRC
Ann Louise Armstrong, CCRC, CCRA
Delores Barnes, CCRC
Kelsey Bassett, CCRC
Donna Battles, CCRC
Renee Bays, CCRC
Christine Beardsley, CCRA
Jeremy Beatty, CCRC
Rhonda Beauchemin, CCRC
Susan Becker, CCRC
Jennifer Bell, CCRC
William Berger, CPI
Cassie Bird, CCRC
Julie Bishop, CCRC
Susan Black, CCRC
Christie Blackston, CCRC
Debra Bolling, CCRC
Dudley Allen Boone, CCRC, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Jennifer Boroff-Turner, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Kira Botkin, CCRC
Diane Branham, CCRC
Robin Bravo, CCRA
Jennifer Bruce, CCRA
Laura Brusco, CCRC, CCRA
Cynthia Buehrig, CCRC
Tedryl Bumpass, CCRA
Dena Burke, CCRC
Patricia Burks, CCRC
Virginia Butterworth, CCRC
Melissa Cagle, CCRC
Stephanie Cannon, CCRC
Christine Carlson, CCRC
Kyndall Carter, CCRC
Karla Caylor, CCRC
Andrea Cervantes, CCRC
Fatiha Chabouni, CCRC
William Chrvala, CCRC
Laurence Chu, CPI
Cathi Coarsey, CCRC
Shelley Cooper, CCRC
Nichole Cope, CCRC
Marla Coury, CCRC
Nicole Couturier, CCRC, ACRP-CP
Donna Creese, CCRC
Mary D’Rozario, CCRA
Rebecca Dahme, CCRC
Kavitha Damal, CCRC
Amy Davidson, CCRC
Ahmad Deeb, CCRC
Anita Deeds, CCRC
Steven DeMartino, CCRC
Erin Devita, CCRC
Rina DiMaso, CCRC
Amanda Donoho, CCRC
Wendy Drewes, CCRC
Lori Drum, CCRC
Dale Dubach, CCRA
Liesel Dudek, CCRC
Dixie Durham, CCRC
Mahasweta Dutt, CCRC
Sara Edwards, CCRC
Susan Engerman, CCRC
Lee Ann Ernst, CCRC
Elongia Farrell, CCRC
Cecilia Felizarta, CCRC
JoAnn Filla-Taylor, CCRC
Gabriella Fini, CCRC
Meghan Freier, CCRC
Carla Fuentes, CCRC
Nancy Gady, CCRA
Lyndsey Garritty, CCRA
Amanda Gervais, CCRA
Bethany Giachetti, CCRC
Kristina Gibbens, CCRA
Melissa Ginn, CCRC
Rachel Gledhill, CCRC

Cynthia Godwin , CCRC
Kimberly Goldby-Reffner, CCRC
Jennifer Goodrich Voelkl, CCRC
Marsha Gossett, CCRC
April Green, CCRC
Catherine Gregor, CCRC
Cheryl Gresham, CCRC
Judy Guinn, CCRC
Catalina Gutierrez, CCRC
Rebecca Gutmann, CCRC
Deanna Hamilton, CCRC
Amy Hanson, CCRC
Janet Hargett, CCRA, ACRP-PM, ACRP-MDP
Amelia Harper, CCRA
Nicholas Harris, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Lynnetta Hart, CCRC
Terry Hartman, CCRC
Jennifer Hasenei, CCRA
Helen Hayes, CCRA
Luann Healy, CCRC
Simone Hendrickson, CCRA
Bridget Ho, CCRC
Richard Hoffman, CPI
Sarah Hollingshead, CCRC, CCRA
Steven Hopkins, CCRC
JoAnn Horn, CCRC
Showkat Hossain, CCRC, CCRA, CPI
Nadya Hrycak, CCRA
David Hsi, CCRC
Bonnie Hughes, CCRC
Eugenia Hutchison, CCRC
Claudia Islas, CCRC
Brian Jennings, CCRC
Eva Jiang, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Jessica Johnson, CCRC
Allison Jones, CCRC
Tammy Kalmus, CCRA
Michelle Kavanaugh, CCRC
Melissa Kelley, CCRC
Kimberly Kelso, CCRC
Karen Kernen, CCRC
Megan Kingdon, CCRC
Barbara Kleiber, CCRC
Gila Klein, CCRC
Linette Klevan, CCRC
Catherine Koukol , CCRC
Elena Kowalsky, CCRC
Krisilda Krishans, CCRA
Jiao Kuang, CCRA
Adam Kufen, CCRC
Wendy Lavender, CCRA
Vickie Leathers, CCRC
Frank Lee, CPI
Claudia Lennertz, CCRC
Yangmei Li, CCRC
Lori Lickstein, CCRA
Mary Jo Lindemann, CCRC
Heather Littell, CCRC
Mario Llobet, CCRC
Amy Lobner, CCRC
Karin London, CCRA
Mary Lonien, CCRA
Lucy Lu, CCRA
Ching-ju Lu, CCRA
Lucia Lucci, CCRC
John Lybarger, CCRC
Kristy Macci, CCRC
Brian MacGillivray, CPI
Michele Manrique, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Kathleen Mansell, CCRC
Irene Marino, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Sophia Mathew, CCRC
Yukiko Matsushima, CCRC
Katherine Matthews, CCRC
Michael McCartney, CPI
Nancy McCormick, CCRC
Christina McGee, CCRC, CCRA
Jennifer McGrath, CCRC
Yolanda McKinney, CCRC
Megan Meays, CCRC

Ann Mellor, CCRC
Laurie Melo, CCRC, ACRP-PM
June Mendoza, CCRA
Tracy Mente, CCRC
Mary Messina-Febres, CCRA
Carol Miller, CCRA
Laura Miller, CCRA
Jamie Mills, CCRC
Ginger Moritz, CCRC
Valerie Nevins, CCRC
Breanna Nickels, CCRC
Nathelia O’Banner, CCRC
Tracy Ochalek, CCRC
Omotayo Olapo, CCRC
Laura Olson, CCRA
Lori Oosterman, CCRC
Allison Overton, CCRC
Deepti Patki, CCRC
Maureen Patrick, CCRC
Justin Phillips, CCRC
Cassandra Pitts, CCRC
Shreejana Pokharel, CCRC
Miguel Posada, CCRA
Kimberly Prabhu, CCRC, CCRA
Susan Rath, CCRC
Kristina Rau, CCRC
Jennifer Reinhard, CCRA
Luella Reyes, CCRC
Anneli Robbshaw, CCRC
Tina Robertson, CCRC
Birgit Roller, CCRC
Alexandra Rowden, CCRC
Nickie Ryan, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Daisuke Saeki, CCRA
Mika Sakoda, CCRC
Adam Samson, CCRC, CCRA
Tirath Sanghera, CCRC
Koichi Sato, CCRA
Stephanie Saunders , CCRC
Shelly Schuster, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Connie Scott, CCRC
Seema Shahi, CCRC
Carrie Shetley, CCRC
Tara Shetley, CCRC
Susan Shidel, CCRC
Patsy Simon, CCRC, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Narina Simonian, CCRC
Suman Singh, CCRC
Tammy Smay, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Jill Smith, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Catherine Smith, CCRC
Marshal Smith, CCRC
Jackson Snyder, CPI, ACRP-MDP
Susan Straka, CCRC
Kristin Surdam, CCRC
Mary Tabacchi, CCRC
Eileen Taff, CCRC
Michele Tavish, CCRC
Ronald Tutrone, CPI
Carey Uhlenkott, CCRC
Cathy Van Every, CCRC
Katherine Vandris, CCRC
Brandy Venable, CCRC
Rebecca Vest, CCRC
Quang Vo, CPI
Dawn Wagner, CCRA
Lisa Wallerstein, CCRC, CCRA
Margaret Whetstone, CCRC
Sarah Wibben, CCRA
Elizabeth Wiley, CCRC
Mary Williams, CCRC
Mary Williamson, CCRC
Brandi Winston, CCRA
Yuhua Yang, CCRC
Ruhua Yang, CCRC
Nathifa Young, CCRA
Karina Zarins, CCRA
Robie Zent, CCRC
Steven Ziemba, CCRC, CPI, ACRP-PM
Michelle Zulick, CCRC

Photograph of Mary Messina-Febres

“I now have the confidence to provide oversight and assistance during all of my investigative site visits and can quote specific regulations when I see errors or deviations that require site re-training. I look forward to many more years of alliance with ACRP while advancing my career in clinical research.”

Mary Messina-Febres, CCRA, ACRP Certified Since 2012

5 Years Certified

Casey Aaron, CCRC
Nael Abdelsamad, CCRC
Melody Abney-Israel, CCRA
Yusleidy Acevedo Rivacoba, CCRC
Heather Adams, CCRC
Olusegun Adelaja, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Israel Adesoji, CCRA
Ojoma Agbo, CCRC
Canan Akture, CCRC
Mohammad AL Arab, CCRC
Melannie Alejandria, CCRC
Aubrey Alexander, CCRC, CCRC
Maria Allen, CCRC
Kristine Alligood, ACRP-CP
Susan Allman, CCRC
Allyson Anderson , CCRC
Derek Ansel, CCRA
Melissa Arechiga, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM, ACRP-MDP
Jennifer Armstrong, CCRC
Penny Arnold, CCRA
Callie Arnold, CCRC
Courtney Arnold, CCRC
Amy Austin, CCRC
Ramon Avellana Ortiz, CCRC
Veronica Avila, CCRC
Celia Aviles, CCRC
Hormoz Babaei Mirshkarlo, CCRC
Neil Bailey, CCRC
Lauren Baker, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Zulfiya Bakirova, CCRC
Erin Baldauf, CCRC
Gurpreet Bambra, CCRA
Kimberly Barbieri, CCRC
Teodora Barbu, CCRC
Monique Barela, CCRC
Dominique Barragan, CCRC
Ellen Bartell, CCRC
Cindy Baumann, CCRC
Lisa Baxter, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Amber Beckham, ACRP-CP
Edmond Bedjeti, CCRC
Edgar Bedoya, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Bridget Belanger, CCRC
Brad Belden, CCRC
Emily Beltz, CCRC
Annette Bennett, CCRC
sarah birch, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Lorrie Bisesi, CCRC
Melissa Bixby, CCRC
Sanjana Black, CCRC
Shane Blankenship, CCRC
Anna Bogner, CCRC
Pamela Bolton, CCRC
Matthew Bosler, CCRC
Tamara Bowen, CCRC
Haley Bowser, CCRA
Maggie Brassil, CCRA
Madonna Breganio, CCRC
Darlene Brenson-Hughes, CCRC
Maureen Bresnahan, CCRA, ACRP-MDP
Gina Briones, CCRC
Viviana Brito, CCRC
Debra Broach, CCRC, ACRP-CP
Natalia Brooks, CCRC
Sa’Mara Brooks, CCRC
Nakita Brown, CCRC
Erin Brown, CCRC
Cassondra Brown, CCRC
Jennifer Brumfield, CCRC
Annica Bryson, CCRC
Cassandra Bueno, CCRC
Matthew Bullock, ACRP-CP
Rebecca Burgos, CCRC
Heather Burns, CCRC
Jordan Caldwell, CCRC
Robert Call, CPI
Cristina Calvin, CCRA
Sarah Campanozzi, ACRP-CP
Heather Campbell, CCRC
Cynthia Campbell-Baird, CCRC
Lauren Card, CCRC
Kara Carlson, CCRC
Roxana Carrillo, CCRC
Laura Cei, CCRC
Silvia Cermelli, ACRP-CP
Bounphone Chanthavong , CCRC
Heidi Chapman, CCRC
Meredith Chappell, CCRC
Peter Chase, CCRC
Shirisha Chiluka, CCRC, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Kristin Ciezki, CCRC
Aaryn Clayton, CCRC
Devon Coleman , CCRC
Patricia Connolly-Bedwell, ACRP-CP, CCRA
Rochelle Copeland, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM
Lauren Coppala, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Laura Corn, CCRC
Tracy Courtney, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM, ACRP-MDP
Laurel Couture, CCRC, CCRA
Greg Cowan, CCRC, CCRA
Victoria Cowart, CCRC
Stacy Cranford, CCRC
Patricia Crincoli, CCRC
Shannon Crites, CCRC
Julie Cutright, CCRC
Suzanne David, CCRC, CCRA
Diane Davidson, CCRC
Irena Davies, CCRC
Wanda Davis, CCRC
Teleah Davis, CCRC
Rebecca Davis, CCRC
Shar’Ron de Dreu, ACRP-CP
Sara De La Cruz, CCRC
Kristen Deasy, ACRP-CP
Maiya Deleon, CCRC
Leanna Delhey, CCRC
Nancy Dengler, CCRC
Frances Devlin, CCRC
Tammy Dicken, CCRC
DeAnn Dickinson, CCRC
Richard Dima, CCRC
Megan Dishart, CCRC
Elizabeth Dohanich, CCRC
Denise Doolittle, CCRC
Susan Doyle, CCRC
Anna Dumont, CCRC
Wendy Duncan, CCRA
Yara Duran, ACRP-CP
Kristina Dushaj, CCRC
Yvonne Egan Davidson, CCRA
Lauren Elliott, CCRC
Sarah Emert, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Lisa Engel, CCRC
Laura Esqueda, ACRP-CP
Raymeko Eusebio, ACRP-CP
Angelo Evans, CCRA
Olivia Falcon Valdes, CCRC
Daniel Feinstein, CPI
Amanda Feldman, CCRC
Yawen Feng, CCRA
Susan Ferguson, CCRC
Sarah Figueira, CCRC
Lauri Filar, CCRC
Jamila Finney, CCRC
Suzanne Finucane, CCRC
Natalie Forcht, CCRC
Amanda Forem, CCRC
Richard Forster, CCRC
Elena Foster, CCRC
Tracy Foster, CCRC
Joanie Fournier, CCRC
Kelsey Foye, CCRC
Lisa France , CCRC
Susanna Fraser, CCRC
Geneva Frymire, CCRC
Cristina Fuente Mora, CCRC
Monica Gaidhane, ACRP-CP
Danette Gaines, CCRC
Susan Galvin, CCRC
Pamela Garcia, CCRC
Kori Garrison, CCRC
Kathryn Garrison, CCRC
Noelle Gaskill, ACRP-CP
Joyce Ghormley, CCRC
Compton Gift, ACRP-CP
Erin Gilchrist, CCRC
Sam Gillund, CCRC
Stephanie Gilreath, CCRC
Dara Giordano, CCRC
Stephan Glavanakov, CCRA
Kimberly Glorieux , CCRC, ACRP-MDP
Shaila Gogate, CPI
Maria Gonzalez, CCRC
Chitra Gopalan, CCRC
Ronda Gorsica, CCRC
Dianna Grado, CCRC
Christine Graham, CCRC, CCRA
Debbie Griffin, CCRC
Russell Griggs, CCRC
Colby Grossman, CPI
Natalia Gruzdeva, CCRA
Wendy Gudel, CCRA
Sonya Gunter, CCRC
Katy Gustafson, CCRC
Catalina Guzman, CCRC
Oscar Guzman, ACRP-CP

Kirstin Hahn, CCRC
Emily Haith, CCRC
Karla Hall, CCRC
Alexis Hall, ACRP-CP
Mustafa Hammad, CPI
Angela Hamman, CCRC
Takada Harris, CCRC
Brooke Hartwell, CCRC
Kimberly Hartwig, CCRC
Jessica Hatheway, CCRA
Ryan Hayden, CCRC
Kellie Hazell, ACRP-CP
Elizabeth Heap, CCRC
Susanne Heininger, CCRC
Jill Heinz, CCRC
Sue Henderson, CCRC
Amy Henderson, CCRC
Mellissa Henry, CCRC
Kris Herring, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM
Christopher Hilliard, CCRC
Cynthia Ho, CCRC
Marietta Hockenberry, CCRC
Diana Hodge, CCRC
Matthew Hollen, CCRC
Amy Holman, CCRC
Morgan Horton, CCRC
Melissa Howell, CCRC
Amy Howrigan, CCRA
Erin Hubertz, CCRC
Jacqueline Hudson, CCRC
Jason Hughes, CCRC
Lindsey Hutson, CCRC
Cristina Iparraguirre, CCRC
Takami Ishizuka, ACRP-CP
Kelly Jackman, CCRC
Gwen Jacobs, CCRC
Kate Jappe, CCRC
Shaleema Jenkins, CCRC
Soyun Jeon, CCRA
Ikoa Jeschke Lopez, CCRC
Pauline Johnson, CCRC
Chelsea Johnson, CCRC
Hannah Johnson, CCRC
Lindsay Johnson , CCRC
Yu Jung Jung, CCRC
Queennie Majorie Kahulugan, CCRC
Judith Kennedy, CCRC
Yuri Kida, CCRC
Amy King, CCRC
Mark King, ACRP-CP
Marcia Kneusel, CCRC
Michelle Knight, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM
MariCarmen Korngiebel-Rosique, CCRC
Claire Kostechka, ACRP-CP
Patricia Krug, CCRC
Julia Krutov, CCRC
Joshua Kunz, CCRC
Amanda Kupniewski, CCRC
Elizabeth Kurland, CCRC
Barry Kuttner, CPI
Jennifer Lai, CCRA
Joyce Lanier, CCRC
Jennifer Latteri, CCRC
Jessica LeBlanc, CCRC
Leslie Lemieux, CCRC
AnnMarie LeNoir, CCRC
Brianna Lenox, CCRC
Margaret Lessard, CCRC
Hongxia Li, CCRA
Mara Li Ortiz, CCRC
Chen-Chen Liao, CCRA
Kelly Liddy, CCRC
Mei-Hui Lin, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Judith Linneman, CCRC
Molly Linville, CCRC
Gina Littlejohn, CCRC
Carrie Livingston, CCRA
Carla Logan, CCRC
Kristi Lokey, CCRC
Trina Lowther, CCRC
Rachel Lukas, CCRC
Praveena Machineni, CCRC
Susan MacKinnon, CCRC
Carol Macpherson, CCRC
Corinne Maddocks, CCRC
Sarah Maguire, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Lindsay Maharaj, ACRP-CP
Vickie Maine, CCRC, CCRA
Angela Malizia, CCRC
Kathleen Maloney, CCRC
Anelys Marin Gonzalez, CCRC
Alexis Mark, CCRC
Elisha Martin, CCRC
Lisa Martin, CCRC
Amber Martineau, CCRC
Elaine Martinez, CCRC
Rafael Martinez, CPI
Sayed Masood Sadaat, ACRP-CP
Lourdes Matos, CCRC
Jammie Matthews, CCRC, ACRP-CP
Lucy McCahon, CCRC
Christine McCall, CCRC
Mary Beth McCarthy, CCRC
Brent McClean, CCRA
Jamie McGowan, CCRA
Nikki McGraw, CCRC
Dillon McLeod, CCRC
DruAnne McMartin, CCRC
Kimberly McPeak, CCRC
Callie McQueen, CCRC
Krissy Meckel-Parker, ACRP-CP
William Medrano, ACRP-CP
Rebecca Mehregan, CCRA
Simona Meier, ACRP-CP
Alison Messier, CCRC
Erin Michelson, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Christy Milburn, CCRC
Tracy Miller, CCRC
Lisa Miller, CCRC
Carrie Milliard, CCRC
Ashley Mintos, CCRC
Zachary Mitchell, CCRC
Gloria Mitscher, CCRC
Brigitte Mittler, CCRC
Mayumi Miyata, CCRC
Mohamed Moawad, CCRC
Hayley Molin, CCRC
Colleen Monaco, CCRA
Kathryn Monnin, CCRC
Alina Monteagudo Canto, CCRC
Jessica Montgomery , CCRC
Tracey Montilla, CCRC
Michelle Moore, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM
Giselle Moore-Higgs, ACRP-CP
Orlando Moreno, CPI
Michelle Morrison, CCRC
Peggy Mouradian, CCRC
Tari Muenchow, CCRC, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Susmita Mullick, ACRP-CP
Kyle Murphy, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Mary Murray, CCRC
Florence Mwicigi, CCRC
Shinichi Nakajima, CCRA, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Angela Navarrete-Opazo, CPI
Adrianne Neiss, CCRC
Andrea Neitzer, CCRC
Jefferey Newcomb, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Allison Newell-Sturdivant , CCRC
Emmalee Nichols, CCRC, CCRA
John Nichols, CCRC, CCRA
Paula Nicoletto, CCRC
Tiffany Noble, CCRC
Haley Noel , CCRC
Michael Nugent, ACRP-CP, CCRC
Rene Nwankwo, CCRA
Nkoli Nwobodo, CCRA
Lyndsey O’Hara, CCRC
Holly Oakley, CCRC
Hiromi Oda, ACRP-CP
Sharon Olesen, CCRC
Coretta Olieberg, ACRP-CP
Demetria Oliver, CCRC
Alexandria Oliver, CCRC
Crystal Olson, ACRP-CP
Beate Oltman Greer, CCRC
Ashley Owens, CCRC
Festus Oyedokun, CCRC
Dina Padula, CCRC
Louis-Philippe Pageot , CCRA
Stacey Pahlke, CCRC
Margaret Palmer Buerstner, CCRA
Robert Panganiban, CCRC
Swati Patel, CCRC
Kelly Patterson, CCRC
Amanda Pawlowski, CCRC
Jesslyn Payne, CCRC
Candace Pearson, CCRC
Laura Jane Pehrson, CCRC
Jessica Pennell, CCRC
Dilanis Perche, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Bridget Perez, CCRC
Ashley Perry, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Kelsey Peterson, CCRC
Jan Peterson, CCRA, ACRP-CP

Sharon Phillips, CCRC
Lee Phillips, ACRP-CP
Stephanie Picken, CCRC
Lucille Pierson, CCRC
Meiry Pivat-Garcia, CCRC
Trevor Pogue, CCRC
Jessica Polis, CCRA
Beth Polk, CCRC, ACRP-CP
Ralisa Pop, CCRC
Laurentiu Pop, CPI
Angela Powell, CCRC
Stephanie Powers, CCRC
Elburna Prentice, CCRA
Anne Preston, CCRC
Deborah Preston, CCRC
Jessica Propps, ACRP-CP
Susan Puleio, ACRP-CP
Laura Pulido-Ramirez, CCRC
Jacqueline Pulitano, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM
Thu Quan, CCRC
Rosa Quiceno, CCRC
Katrina Quidley, ACRP-CP
Deanna Quinton, CCRC
Stacey Rabusch, CCRC
Jacqueline Raceles, CCRC
Natalie Rajcooar, CCRC
Yajaira Ramos, CCRC
Sariah Ramoutar-Persaud, CCRC
Tara Redmond, CCRC
Cynthia Reilly, CCRC
Juliet Reiter, ACRP-CP
Harmony Renna, CCRC
Lisa Rennolet, CCRC
Rhama Reyes Castro, CCRC
Lisa Richardson, CCRC
Kathleen Rickes, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Kaitlyn Rikkola, CCRC
Amy Roach, CCRA
Sherry Roberts, CCRC
Kaiser Robertson, CPI
Jennifer Robinson, CCRC
Dianna Robinson, CCRC
Kristina Robison, CCRC, ACRP-CP
Tracy Rodriguez, CCRC
Lilia Rodriguez Ables, CPI
Kindra Root, CCRC
Kristofer Rosales, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Ericka Ross, CCRC
Melissa Rubio, CPI
Bailee Rushton, CCRC
Kayleigh Russell, CCRC
Jamie Russell-Bell, CCRC
A. Rutebemberwa, CCRC
Takahiro Sakai, CCRC
Russell Saltzman, CCRC
Edwin Sanchez, CCRC
Mary Rose Santos, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Cindy Sawyers, CCRC
Meggan Schmidt, CCRC
Virginia Schmidt, CCRC
Michelle Schreiner, CCRC
Erin Schulte, CCRC
Alicja Schultz, CCRC
Joseph Schulz, CCRC
Heather Schutz, ACRP-CP, CCRC
Lawrence Scott, CCRC
Ashley Scott, CCRC
Shelley Secor-Socha, CCRA
Vadewattie Seeratan, CCRC
Christine Senn, CCRC, CPI, ACRP-CP
Kristin Shade, CCRC
Laura Shafer, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Parag Shah, CPI
Bhavna Shah, CCRC
Divya Shah , ACRP-CP
Amber Sharlow, CCRA
Jessica Shaw, CCRC
Lisa Shea, CCRC
Derek Shemley, ACRP-CP
Kristin Shoemaker, CCRC
Elise Shuman, CCRC
Svitlana Shylman, ACRP-CP, CCRC
Federica Sidoti, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Katherine Siegel, CCRC
Jennifer Simpson, CCRA
Jennifer Sims, CCRC
Rahul Siwach, CCRC
Peggy Smith, CCRC
Megan Smith, CCRC
Christopher Smith, CCRC
Karen Snyder, CCRC
Teresa Sousa, CCRA
Jessica Southwood, CCRC
Christine Spillson, CCRC
Cole Sprague, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Joseph Stanfield, CCRC, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM
Melissa Stanley, CCRC
Leah Stone, CCRC
Sherelyn Strange, CCRC
Lori Stravers, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Sheena Strohmayer, ACRP-CP
Linda Stucky, CCRC
Annika Sun, CCRA, ACRP-PM
Brian Sussman, CCRC
Thomas Symington, CCRC
Tanvi Talsania, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Tina Tan, CCRC
Chiharu Tanaka, CCRC
Vanessa Tanner, CCRC, ACRP-CP, ACRP-PM
Anne Taylor, CCRA
Heidi Taylor, CCRC
Terry Taylor, CCRC
Zegabriel Tebeje, ACRP-CP
Sarah Tellez, CCRC
Wendy Thacker, CCRC
Jessica Thomas, CCRC
Theresa Thompson, CCRA
Katherine Toder, CCRC
Corinne Tofstad, CCRC
Tolu Toluhi, CCRA
Yandro Torno, CCRA, ACRP-CP
Meghan Tracy, CCRC
Thomas Tran, CCRC
Bao Tran Nguyen, ACRP-CP
Karina Trejo, CCRC
Lori Trotter, CCRC
Julie Tucker, CCRA
Samang Ung-Whitfield, CCRC
Jayme Valentine, CCRA
Kristin Van Hyfte, CCRC
Sarah Van Meter, CCRC
Kelly Van Schouwen, ACRP-CP
Melodie Vanasse-Galler, CCRA
Eloisa Vasquez, CCRC
Rafaela Vazquez Kianka, CCRA
Paula Veldhuis, CCRC
Bridget Venard, CCRC
Soundarapandian Vijayakumar, CCRA
Danielle Vitali, CCRC, CCRA
Sabrina Vlk, CCRC
Dylan Waidelich, CCRC
Julie Walker, CCRC
Gary Walker, ACRP-CP
Kelli Wallace, CCRC
Colleen Walsh, CCRC
Muhammad Waseem, CPI
TaShundra Waters, CCRC
Sharon Weaver, CCRC
Sharleen Weese Maley, ACRP-CP
Leslie Wehrlen, ACRP-CP
Christina Weisenborn, CCRC
Jacob Welch, CCRC
Nanastasia Welnick, CCRC
Bee White, CCRC
Lindsey White, CCRC
Sabrina Wigginton, CCRC
Kathy Wilkinson, CCRC
Monique Williams, CCRC
Ingrid Williams, CCRC
Lauren Williams, CCRC
Kalen Williams, CCRC
Jennifer Wilson, CCRC
Jana Windsor, CCRC
Mona Wojtas, CCRC
Amber Wolf, CCRC, ACRP-PM
Danielle Wolfe, CCRC
Karl Wolff, CCRC
Allison Wolgast, CCRC
Elena Woltz, CCRA
Brenda Wong, CPI
Victoria Wong, CCRA
Jane Wong, CCRA
Heather Wright, CCRC
Jaime Wyatt, CCRC
Meghan Wyse, CCRC
Ying Xiao, CCRC
Junko Yamasaki, CCRC
Lana Yamba, CCRC
Joshua Yang, CCRC, CCRA
Yoon Young Choi, CCRC
Douglas Young, CPI
Malene Youpa, CCRC
Dragos Zanchi , CPI
Britany Zeglin, CCRC
ZhouYuan Zhang, CCRA
Jessica Ziemek, CCRC
Holly Zink, ACRP-CP

Photograph of Kail Denison

“Being certified by ACRP demonstrates that I have a high level of knowledge and competency, and a desire to continue to grow as a professional. I have been told by sponsors, CROs, SMOs and sites that being certified is one of the key components they look for when looking to hire and that sets me apart from other competitors in the field.”

Kail Denison, CCRC, ACRP Certified Since 2002

The Gold Standard & The Qualifications to Prove It

ACRP Certified professionals say their achievement results in greater confidence and responsibility on the job, more employment and career growth opportunities, and promotions, bonuses, and salary increases.

Start your next journey by learning more about ACRP’s flagship certifications and subspecialty credentials.

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ACRP Certified Professional

ACRP-CP® is a credential formally recognizing clinical research professionals of all types, regardless of their roles or functional activities on the clinical study team.

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Certified Clinical Research Associate

CCRA® is a credential formally recognizing clinical research professionals with experience monitoring and supervising the conduct and progress of clinical trials on behalf of a sponsor.

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Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

CCRC® is a credential formally recognizing clinical research professionals with experience coordinating and facilitating clinical trial activities in adherence to GCP, under the direction of a principal investigator.

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