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ACRP 2024 Leadership & Professionalism – Replay

This package is a replay of 12 on-demand session recordings and presentation slides from the Leadership & Professionalism Track at the ACRP 2024 Conference, May 3 – 6, Anaheim, California. Get the insights you need to advance your career and grow as a leader.

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Participants can earn up to 11 ACRP contact hours. Upon purchase, the sessions will be accessible from your My Courses Dashboard. Replay sessions expire on May 31, 2027. 

  • A Holistic CRA Evaluation Process for Improving Monitoring Visits

This presentation will detail the importance of transparency, positivity, and professionalism framing all aspects of the process for evaluating the performance of clinical research associates (CRAs) during study site monitoring visits. It will review best preparation and communication practices for visit execution that will elevate the evaluation beyond a simple “pass or fail” determination, leading to a better understanding of competent performance, training needs, and the value of trust between evaluators and CRAs. Speaker: Elizabeth Weeks-Rowe, LVN, CCRA, Independent Clinical Research Consultant, Elizabeth Weeks-Rowe Consulting, LLC

  • Assertiveness as an Indispensable Soft Skill for the Clinical Research Professional

This presentation focuses on why assertiveness is a key skill for professionals to master in a clinical trials industry wracked by growing complexity and staffing challenges, and why a lack of it is hurting the quality of studies. Speaker: Agnieszka Finlayson, MSc, MA, Director and Founder, White Wisteria Academy

  • Critical Thinking for a Quality-Driven Approach to Clinical Research

This session delves into the transformative potential of critical thinking in clinical research, highlighting strategies that can help professionals quickly adapt and build a quality-driven approach as the industry undergoes rapid and continuous changes. Speaker: Matt Baublits, Associate Director, Country Clinical Quality Manager, Merck

  • Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations in Clinical Research

No matter your role in clinical research, communication is key, and sometimes difficult conversations are inevitable. We’ll discuss strategies and tools you can apply to negotiating, giving constructive feedback, delivering bad news, and achieving conflict resolution. After this session, you will walk away with a virtual toolkit of skills that will help you to be more comfortable and confident in having difficult conversations. Speaker: Jennifer McLeland, PhD, CCRC, ACRP-PM, RPSGT, Manager, Division of Clinical Research, Washington University School of Medicine

  • Harnessing Personality Tests for Team Building in Clinical Research

This presentation explores how personality tests can revolutionize the clinical research workplace, including examples of several types of tests that anyone can use at the individual, team, and leadership levels to gain insights for increased collaboration and efficiency. Speakers: Shannon Cox, MCR, BSN, RN, ETRA, Merck; Kaitlyn Rhodes, MCR, ACRP-CP, Clinical Trial Coordinator (CTC), Merck

  • How Equity and Inclusion Drive True Diversity in Clinical Research

Ensuring equity and inclusion in experience means pushing beyond simply offering minorities and other underrepresented groups “a seat at the table,” and looking more closely at what happens at that table. This session is for those hoping to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts forward for their organization and for our industry. Attendees will come away with a new understanding of the acronym DEI, as well as tools for how to deploy equitable and inclusive practices. Speaker: Ashley Moultrie, CCRP, Director, DEI & Community Engagement, Javara

  • Research Staff Onboarding and Training Essentials

This session focuses on the essentials for investing in staff training and development from onboarding through continuing education and retention efforts that will make a difference in your clinical trial team’s productivity and morale. Speaker: Kathleen Ebeling, Senior Study Coordinator, Rochester Clinical Research

  • Signature Series: Power of Pause: Mindfulness to Transform Individuals, Teams & Cultures

Change is a four-letter word that fosters fear. How will you lead your life without the worry and stress of change? Mindfulness teaches us that we are not just coping with “a new normal” but creating a new way of being. When we operate in the workplace from a subconscious realm of fear, stress-related symptoms of anxiety, panic, inability to focus, and insomnia predominate. The Power of Pause transforms us into mindful leaders who quickly face fears, rise above the panic, and find a path to calm consciousness. During this interactive mindfulness session, take a moment to pause, connect back to calm, and get refocused. We will practice scientifically proven breath and meditation techniques to use in the workplace and personally for improved focus, mood, and sleep. Speaker: Romie Mushtaq, MD, Chief Wellness Officer, Great Wolf Resorts

  • The Benefits of Participant-Centric Care for Clinical Trial Recruitment and Retention

Participants in research are too often viewed as passive recipients rather than active members in the research process with individualized needs and personal views. This session focuses on how all members of the clinical trials team can improve participants’ experiences through a better understanding of participant-centric care in research, leading to increased engagement through recruitment and retention, and to more medical advances being available to the public sooner. Speaker: Kimberly Smith, Clinical Research Education Specialist, Tampa General Hospital

  • The Intersection of Technology and People: Harnessing Technology to Increase Efficiency and Build Relationships

All clinical research professionals can benefit from applying the appropriate technologies to their project management and communications needs. This session offers advice on taking control of your work life by learning the right tools and best practices to get better organized, improve your quality and recall, and become a master communicator. Speaker: Suzanne Kincaid, CCRA, ACRP-PM, FACRP , Consultant, Owner, Responsibility Research

  • The Power of Coordinator Communication for Better Trials

A powerful element in study start-up and ongoing study implementation success is the study coordinator. Building a network for coordinators across sites that are conducting the same (or similar) protocols can prove to be the secret ingredient to success. This session will demonstrate the power of peer-to-peer communication, mentorship, and support in a research consortium. Speakers: Teri Crumb, Project Manager, PNRC Consortium; Margaret Kamel, PhD, Director of Research Projects, Emory University, Health Sciences Research Building

  • The Role of Communication in Ensuring Participant Engagement and Retention in Clinical Trials

Be a communication champion and pave the way for successful clinical trials! Discover the transformative impact of effective communication on trial success. Learn practical strategies to conduct informed consent discussions, provide compassionate updates, and build participant trust. Uncover the secrets to boosting participant retention and satisfaction. PIs, CRCs, and CRAs will unlock clinical trial success through the power of communication. Equip yourself with a communication toolkit with patient education techniques, cultural considerations, and decentralized trial communication solutions. Prepare to excel in a digital era with active listening skills and ethical practices. Elevate your clinical trials with our comprehensive communication approach. Speaker: Naomi Orebiyi, CEO and Founder, UnCharted Access