The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP CRA Core Competency Foundations™ Training Program

For employers who need to onboard new CRAs and/or establish consistency in foundational knowledge to keep study teams working in lockstep, ACRP’s CRA Core Competency Foundations™ training program delivers practical, hands-on learning based on real-world protocol execution.

ACRP’s CRA Core Competency Foundations™ program is an ideal solution for onboarding new CRAs, accelerating time to productivity, and helping standardize CRA training organization-wide.


  • Quickly and Efficiently Onboard New CRAs
  • Ensure Competency in Foundational Knowledge Across the Study Team
  • Standardize CRA Training
  • Customize to Address Organization SOPs
  • Receive Certificate of Completion Demonstrating Foundational Knowledge in Clinical Research

Program Specs & Curriculum:

  • Blend of Self Study and Instructor-Led Training
  • Module-Based for Flexible Delivery on Your Schedule
  • Flexible Delivery Options, Including In-Person, Virtual, and Teach to Train
  • Assesses Foundational Knowledge Competencies of Clinical Research Professionals, Based on the Core Competency Framework of the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency
  • Program Content Covers: The Role of a CRA; GCP; Monitoring Overview; Verifying Site Qualifications; Evaluating and Ensuring Adequate PI Oversight; Validating Compliance with Protocol, GCPs, Human Subject Protection, and Data Management Requirements; Ensuring Proper IP Management
  • Concludes with ACRP Clinical Research Knowledge Assessment™