The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP Project Management Best Practices™ Training Program

For employers looking to expand project management skills across the entire study team, ACRP’s Project Management Best Practices™ training program delivers practical, hands-on training specific to clinical research.

ACRP’s Project Management Best Practices™ training program is supported by case studies and real-world scenarios from clinical trials, making it a one-of-a-kind training solution.


  • Quickly and Efficiently Onboard New Project Managers
  • Ensure Project Management Competency Across the Study Team
  • Standardize Project Manager Training
  • Customize to Address Organization SOPs
  • Receive Certificate of Completion Demonstrating Foundational Knowledge in Clinical Research

Program Specs & Curriculum

  • 8-Hour Instructor-Led Training Program
  • Flexible Virtual and In-Person Delivery Options
  • Program Content Covers: Traits and Competencies of a Good Project Manager; Communication Skills; Time Management; Collaboration and Team Building; Leadership and Taking the Lead; Work-Life Balance