Investigative Site Diversity: Tufts CSDD Study on Staff Diversity at Clinical Research Sites

In this webinar, the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development team shares survey results on staff diversity at clinical research sites, with an emphasis on the impact diversity has on site performance and its practical implications, the major factors noted for diversity-related success and their associated barriers, and the relationship between site diversity and patient diversity.

Introduction to Clinical Trials

Fundamental education about the role clinical research plays in advancing medical knowledge and the work conducted by clinical research professionals. This free eLearning course details how medical products are developed, how volunteer patients are protected, and key roles in the development, research, review, and approval of medical products.

Project Management Best Practices™

This is an intensive two-day course which provides detailed and practical guidance on the different project management skills used by study sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs), so helps you decide how to apply these skills in your situation.