Save 10% on Training from Barnett International

ACRP and Barnett International’s new strategic partnership provides ACRP Members with expanded access to high-quality education and training, and an exclusive 10% discount on Barnett’s online and in-person programs for clinical research professionals.

Introduction to Clinical Trials

Fundamental education about the role clinical research plays in advancing medical knowledge and the work conducted by clinical research professionals. This free eLearning course details how medical products are developed, how volunteer patients are protected, and key roles in the development, research, review, and approval of medical products.

Key Skills for Ensuring Quality Control Through Risk-Based Decision Making

This one-day classroom course provides an interactive exploration of how the skills currently used to conduct clinical trials in the traditional sense (pre–Risk-Based Monitoring) can be adapted and elevated to conduct trials in the evolving clinical research landscape. ACRP’s on-demand eLearning Course, Key Skills for Ensuring Quality Control through Risk-Based Decision Making, is included in your registration fee and is the pre-requisite, foundational learning for this classroom discussion focused around risk-based decision making.