ACRP Launches ASCRT Scholarship to Promote Diversity in Clinical Research

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) is proud to announce the launch of the Access for Students to Clinical Research Training (ASCRT) Scholarship program. ASCRT will award scholarships of $5,000 each to five students from underrepresented groups who are enrolled in a community college, four-year college, or Master’s-level program in clinical research.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to address the issue of insufficient representation and diversity within the clinical research workforce by providing crucial financial assistance to underrepresented minority students. 

The ASCRT Scholarship is a significant step forward in ensuring equitable access to education and resources, fostering a diverse and inclusive research community, and empowering minority students to excel in their clinical research careers. By addressing financial constraints that often hinder minority students from pursuing clinical research careers, this program aims to reduce student loan debt and provide talented individuals with equal access to educational opportunities in clinical research. 

By offering scholarships to minority students, ACRP seeks to create a more diverse clinical research workforce that better reflects the demographics of the populations being studied. This increased diversity will enhance cultural competence, improve the relevance of research findings for diverse communities, and ultimately lead to more effective healthcare outcomes for all. 

“By providing financial assistance to underrepresented minority students, we are breaking down barriers and nurturing the diverse leaders who will drive innovation and transformative change in clinical research tomorrow,” said R’Kes Starling, Chair, ACRP Diversity Advisory Council.

Funds for the ASCRT Scholarship were raised though ACRP’s Ride4DEI, the clinical research industry’s premier cycling challenge that raises funds in support of ACRP educational scholarships for entry-level clinical research professionals from diverse communities. “The ASCRT scholarship program is a vital initiative that underscores our commitment to creating a more inclusive clinical research community,” said Sergio Armani, ACRP Ride4DEI founder.  

The application deadline for the ASCRT Scholarship is December 21, 2023, and recipients will be announced by February 16, 2024. To apply or learn more about this exciting opportunity, please click here. 

ACRP is committed to driving positive change within the clinical research industry, and the ASCRT Scholarship program is a significant step toward achieving this goal. By investing in the education and future careers of underrepresented minority students, ACRP is working to create a more inclusive and dynamic clinical research landscape.