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A diverse clinical trial workforce is imperative to the sustainability, quality, and reliability of clinical research now and in the future–and that’s what the ACRP Ride4DEI is all about.

This annual fundraiser supports clinical researchers from diverse backgrounds by providing scholarships that result in professional growth and development.

May 15-20, 2023
Pittsburgh to Washington, DC

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“There has never been a more significant time to enhance the clinical trial workforce. The Ride4DEI is an actionable initiative supporting advancement and accessibility for clinical researchers.”

– R’Kes Starling, RPh, MBA, ACRP Diversity Advisory Council member and Chief Executive Officer/President, Reveles Clinical Services

Cycling for Clinical Research Workforce Diversity

Ensuring diversity in clinical trials is a matter of health equity. Participation in clinical research by people of all backgrounds can reduce health disparities and improve drug development and efficacy. But the reality is that communities of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals are still under-represented in clinical trials (I, II, III, IV).

And while new research shows that study sites with multicultural personnel do a better job of recruiting volunteers from racial and ethnic minority groups, workforce diversity has other benefits. Researchers know that building greater trust and engagement with patients can lead to higher clinical trial recruitment, participation, and completion rates. In addition, a strong commitment to DEI hiring and staffing practices will only strengthen the clinical research community.

The ACRP Ride4DEI is the clinical research industry’s premier cycling challenge that raises funds in support of ACRP educational scholarships—including attendance at ACRP’s annual conference—for entry-level clinical research professionals from diverse communities. Every dollar raised will help increase access to education, training, and career advancement in clinical research for people from historically underserved communities. By supporting the ACRP Ride4DEI, you’re helping to move the people and practice of clinical research forward.

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Meet the Riders

The ACRP Ride4DEI is a 6-day, 355-mile grueling journey—through the mountains and mud terrain—from Pittsburgh, PA, to Washington, DC, that supports the career growth of clinical research professionals from diverse communities.

This self-supported endurance challenge will be led by Sergio Armani, David Morin, and Scott Chatterton, ACRP advocates for diversity and inclusion in the clinical research workforce. The ride is described as a life-changing experience—the resilience they need to push through to the finish line comes from our mission and their dedication.

“As the leading workforce association in clinical research, ACRP has a responsibility to ensure that all people can embark—and advance—in a clinical research career without prejudice. My hope is that ACRP’s Ride4DEI will raise money for needed scholarships and serve as a catalyst for researchers who desire greater access to career opportunities.”

– Sergio Armani, ACRP Ride4DEI Creator, and EVP, Business Development, Helios Clinical Research

David Morin Ride4DEI

“Increasing workforce diversity is an excellent way to improve participation rates for racial and ethnic minorities currently underrepresented in clinical trials. ACRP Ride4DEI donations will provide scholarships to the next generation of research professionals in support of these goals.”

David Morin, MD, FACP, CPI, FACRP, ACRP Board of Trustees Member, ACRP Ride4DEI cyclist, and Director of Research, Holston Medical Group

Scott Chatterton Ride4DEI

“Everyone should have an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. My goal is to raise awareness and funds to support clinical researchers from historically underserved communities. Representation matters; together, we can increase access to career opportunities and propel research forward.”

Scott Chatterton, ACRP Ride4DEI cyclist, and Senior Director of Business Development, Javara

About Your Donation

We have an ambitious fundraising goal of $120,000. Donations will be collected through our partner platform, RallyUp. Donations for 2023 will be allocated to scholarships, including attendance at ACRP’s annual conference, for entry-level clinical research professionals from diverse communities. Last year, more than 80 individual and corporate donors contributed $63,675 in donations. The funds supported more than 20 scholarships to ACRP’s annual conference, as well as development of ACRP’s ‘Ready, Set, Clinical Research!’™ toolkit designed to support stakeholders with a vested interest in the growth and diversification of the clinical research workforce.

Corporate donors can contribute online through RallyUp or by contacting Sergio Armani at

ACRP offers a variety of scholarship opportunities supporting access and advancement for clinical research professionals from diverse minority groups. Scholarship recipients are identified and selected through the ACRP Diversity Advisory Council.

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations made to the ACRP Ride4DEI are tax-deductible. If you have questions about tax deductions, please contact a tax professional.

If you have questions or would like more details about the ACRP Ride4DEI, please contact us.


ACRP Ride4DEI Supporters

We are grateful to the corporate sponsors and individual donors who support our mission to increase access to education, training, and career advancement in clinical research for people from historically underserved communities.

Breakaway Sponsors – $10,000+

Silver Sponsors – $1,000 – $2,499

Acclinate • Devana Solutions • DM Clinical Research • Deborah and Dennis Driscoll • Evans Family Foundation

Bronze Sponsors – $500 – $999

Greenphire • Parexel • SiteBridge Research • VersaTrial • Sergio Armani • Christine Senn

Peloton Club – $1 – $499

David Morin • Jennifer Sheller • David Morin • T. Thomas • Rick Whiles • Virginia Nido • Laura Cardarelli Murphy • Andy Short • Scott Chatterton • Stephanie Bolick • Evan Gothard • Adam Samson • Cerdi Beltre • Beth Jones • Glenda Guest • Glenda Guest • Denise McDade • Rick Fisher • Jane Martin • Kara Bastarache • Elizabeth Harders • Marc Fregoe • William Kuttruff • Kylie Scheideler • Erin & Michael Muse • Patrick Lee • Michael Newman • Brooke Keith • Lisa Townsend • Gary Cramer • Minette Ty • Michael Newman • Denise McDade • Rick Fisher • Stephanie Pyle • Jim Park • Chris Heinzinger • Payla Hilbert • Neva Brenneman • Tanisha Patel • Lauren Foreman • Ash Moultrie • Jeni Prescott