Deconstructing the Biosimilar Promise: Can Industry Deliver on Access and Affordability?

It is widely accepted that biosimilars hold the potential to improve patient access to life-changing therapies. However, questions remain about what will be needed to deliver on the promise of greater biosimilar access and affordability. In a recent panel discussion, industry experts weighed in on the state of the biosimilar market, today’s regulatory climate, and what will be required to realize their potential.

Empowering Precision Medicine: Transforming Clinical Trials with Precision-Based Solutions

Precision medicine has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the landscape of clinical trials and offering new hope for advancement of critical medicines. However, the intricate nature of precision medicine requires precision-based solutions for trial sponsors, clinical research organizations, labs, and research sites. To address the most pressing issues, trial sponsors and research sites must pivot toward precision-based solutions.

Harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Fostering Clinical Project Managers’ Spiritual Growth and Well-Being

Clinical project managers face a range of well-being issues that are unique to their field. These challenges stem from the high-pressure nature of the pharmaceutical and clinical research industry, where the stakes are often very high, and the work can be both demanding and complex. One path forward offers opportunities to find balance and well-being, bringing together the mind, body, and spirit.

Perseverance Leads to Progress

This will be a critical year for professionals throughout the clinical research enterprise to build on the momentum gained in 2023 for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)—not just among the volunteer participants in clinical trials, but also among all other stakeholders in their design, management, and results.