From the Outside In: An Overview of Four Decades of Progress on HIV/AIDS

The HIV/AIDS crisis in the United States and throughout the world devastated the gay and queer community and changed the world’s perspective on how clinical research is performed. A historical review of those who experienced the crisis from the beginning and what changes resulted from those events can provide valuable information for how the field of clinical research may continue to evolve.

How to Be a Trial Sponsor of Choice in a Competitive Market

In today's evolving landscape of clinical trials, the competition for trial sites with the right patients and strong retention capabilities is intensifying. Trial sponsors are striving to position themselves as the sponsors of choice by fostering collaborative relationships. This is particularly crucial in conducting research in oncology trials, rare diseases, and other high-demand therapeutic areas.

Pushing for Better Clinical Trial Design for Rare Diseases

Imagine a world where a rare disease diagnosis no longer spells a journey of uncertainty and pain. Instead, it begins a collaborative journey where patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers unite to uncover personalized solutions. In this world, trial design isn’t constrained by rigid parameters; it flourishes in the realm of possibility, embracing the nuances of each patient’s experience.