Fixing the Foundation: Applying Digital Strategy and Process Automation to Manage Business Functions in Clinical Research

Clinical Researcher—April 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 3) PEER REVIEWED Christina Morris; Erika Stevens, MA   Biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies are seeking other industries’ disruptive digital technologies to aid in improving operational efficiencies and resourcing. For example, customer-centric robotic process automation (RPA) is thriving as an approach to handling routine financial processes in information […]

You Believe in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? Get Out.

Clinical Researcher—April 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 3) OPINION Allison Kalloo, MPH   Newsflash: Minorities—African Americans in particular—over-index in measures of poor health outcomes. By now, you already know that combating a deadly plague has only been exacerbated by persistent disparities in disease prevalence and by the stark and longstanding underrepresentation of communities of color in […]

The Modernization of Clinical Trials: COVID-19’s Lasting Impact

Clinical Researcher—April 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 3) SITES & SPONSORS Mark Clements, MD, PhD, CPI, FAAP; Komathi Stem, MS   COVID-19’s effect on clinical trials is a tale of two outcomes. Near-term, the pandemic has been devastatingly disruptive. About 80% of non-COVID-19 trials were either stopped or interrupted.{1} As of January 2021, COVID-19 had stopped […]