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ACRP 2023 Technology & Future Trends – Replay

This package is a replay of 7 on-demand session recordings and presentation slides from the Technology & Future Trends Track at the ACRP 2023 Conference, April 29 – May 1, Dallas, Texas. Gain strategies to optimize technology and move your studies into the future.

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  • A Patient-Centric Approach to DCTs

It is important for clinical research professionals to listen to the patient perspective in order to appreciate the multisector landscape of the field. In this presentation, speakers with come together to discuss shared accomplishments and unique challenges. This will not only be very engaging for the attendees but will also provide a deeper understanding of the complexities of incorporating DCTs in the clinical trial industry. Discussions like this one kinder a collaborative approach. Attendees will walk away with a more holistic sense of the challenges that we face, and the amazing possibilities as clinical trials increasingly move towards DCTs. Speakers: Jane Myles, Vice President of Clinical Trial Innovation, Curebase; Noor Salman, MSC, CCRC, Clinical Research Coordinator, Mount Sinai Hospital; Kaushal Shah, PhD, Associate Director, Clinical Associate Professor, Arizona State University; Alicia C. Staley, Vice President, Patient Engagement, Medidata

  • Catch More Waves with Disruptive and Convergent Tech

Clinical research professionals tasked to develop strategies, plan clinical trials and decide on how to leverage the use of technologies will gain in-depth insights and tactics on how to streamline their decision-making process through lessons learned from actual cases and toolkits. Speakers: Nadina Jose, MD, Assistant Professor, School of Health Professions, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Avik Pal, CEO, CliniOps Inc.; Adam Samson, MS, PMP, CCRA, CCRC, CCDM, Head of Clinical Delivery Operations, RWE Clinical Trials, Walgreens

  • Preparing for the Future of Clinical Trials

Clinical research is undergoing a fundamental shift towards longitudinal evidence generation, which will change expectations for how research sites conduct clinical studies. Throughout COVID, and across rare diseases, cancer, and now even Alzheimer’s, we’ve seen products are coming to market sooner, with greater reliance on post-market data to inform regulatory decisions. This has increased the demand for clinical studies that follow participants across time while combining real-world data and clinical trial data. This general interest/ hot topic session will provide attendees with an understanding of these changes underway, and how this shift will impact clinical research sites. We’ll share case examples of sites conducting longitudinal studies and will speak to learnings from these experiences to inform how clinical research professionals can plan for the future. Speaker: Brad Hirsch, MD, Head of Product & Implementation, Verily

  • A Site Network’s Take on Optimizing Tech

Have you become increasingly frustrated by the technology burden in Clinical Trials? Are your CRC’s or CRA’s drowning in Portal Accesses? This session on optimizing technology will bring a Site Network’s perspective on how we can best evaluate, implement and re-evaluate technology use at all stages of the trial and patient journey. You will first be oriented to the current challenges with technology use, then be guided through recommendations for developing a technology strategy that can help to leverage platforms to work for you rather than against you. Speaker: Lydia Beaudette, MSc, ACRP-PM, MBA, Director – Growth & Strategic Partnerships, Centricity Research

  • Improving the Patient Experience Through Connected Technology

Learn ways to improve the patient experience and simplify trial conduct for sites through technology that makes it easy to share information. Hear case studies and real-world examples of how a connected trial ecosystem that spans patients, sites, and sponsors improves information sharing and collaboration, and ultimately, the patient experience. Speakers: Bree Burks, RN, MSN, VP of Strategy, Site Solutions, Veeva Systems; Natalie Morrow, MSc, Head, Regional Managers, Alcon; Adam Samson, MS, PMP, CCRA, CCRC, CCDM, Head of Clinical Delivery Operations, RWE Clinical Trials, Walgreens

  • eSource Adoption: Regulations are Not the Roadblock!

Regulatory requirements are often interpreted as hurdles and blockers to technological innovation. Recently, this type of thinking has shifted – particularly during the pandemic – as regulators have embraced technology to streamline and improve the conduct of clinical trials. During this presentation, an outline of regulations and guidance will be presented and a set of practical actions will be discussed to help organizations ensure compliance when implementing eSource solutions. Speaker: Marc Wartenberger, CQA, CTFL, Director, Corporate QA and Compliance, CRIO Inc.

  • DCT Models: Are They Here to Stay?

Designed for clinical research professionals in biopharma companies, academic and community-based sites currently faced with adopting the use of decentralized models. Guidelines, tools, and suggested workflow templates will be provided. Speakers: Nadina Jose, MD, Assistant Professor, School of Health Professions, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; David Vulcano, LCSW, MBA, CIP, RAC, Vice President, Research Compliance & Integrity, HCA Healthcare