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ACRP’s new ‘Ready, Set, Clinical Research!’™ toolkit is designed for flexible use by career advisors, recruiters, employers, and other stakeholders with a vested interest in the growth and diversification of the clinical research workforce.



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“All of us have a responsibility to build the next generation of clinical researchers. ACRP’s toolkit now gives us the resources we need to engage with our communities and bring people along the journey to this exciting field.”

– Jennifer Sheller, MPH, ACRP-CP
GCTO Country Operations, Regional Head North America, Merck

Developed with support from ACRP’s Partners Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce™, this new toolkit showcases the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘who’, and ‘how’ of a career in clinical research.

Using carefully crafted, impactful messaging intended to influence both hearts and minds in your community, this toolkit features emotive, personal stories from patients and clinical research professionals to emphasize the people-centered nature of clinical research, while the bold, eye-catching, contemporary design aims to foster a sense of excitement, inspiration, and curiosity.

Spearheading the Mission, Together

Demand for clinical research is growing faster than the workforce able to deliver it – a daunting challenge that delays medical innovation and undermines attempts to fulfill unmet clinical needs. In parallel, the critical need for diversity among clinical trial populations has prompted recognition that the clinical research workforce itself needs to be more diverse in order to build trust and engagement with patients from across the demographic and socioeconomic spectrum. Ultimately, strengthening and diversifying the workforce is imperative to the sustainability, quality, and reliability of clinical research now and in the future.

As the leading organization representing clinical research professionals, ACRP is well placed to spearhead this mission by equipping those at the forefront of interactions with potential candidates with the tools they need to attract more people into the profession.

Put ‘Ready, Set, Clinical Research!’™ Into Action

Access Video & PowerPoint

Everything you need to introduce your audience to the exciting world of the clinical research profession is right here. A portion of the content is tailored for two distinct audience groups – entry-level candidates (e.g., recent high school and college graduates) and ‘lateral movers’ (e.g., people with transferrable skills, experience, and/or professional qualifications in another field).

Start with an engaging video that introduces clinical research, highlights its impact, and shares voices from our community. Then leverage a ready-to-go PowerPoint to delve deeper and explore the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘who’, and ‘how’ of a career in clinical research.

Entry-Level Candidate Resources
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Lateral Mover Candidate Resources
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Samples from PowerPoint

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Beyond the Toolkit

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Next Steps…

Encourage your audience to visit ACRP’s Getting Started in Clinical Research webpage. They can get a free ‘Introduction to Clinical Trials’ learning program and more resources to help them along their journey.

If you would like to incentivize your audience to get started through ACRP Membership, please contact us to discuss options.

Feeling inspired to help build the next generation of clinical researchers? Get started by sharing your enthusiasm for ACRP’s Ready, Set, Clinical Research!™ Toolkit on social media. We’ve prepared some sample social messages to help. Download Sample Messages >

Thank you for your partnership in growing and diversifying the clinical research workforce.