7 Strategies for Getting an Entry-Level Clinical Research Job

Many people applying for entry-level clinical research jobs may begin their journey by enrolling in a certificate program. They invest months or years, not to mention thousands of dollars, toward earning a certificate, yet upon finishing and hitting the job markets, are likely to still be dealing with unresponsive hiring managers who are looking for […]

Lauren Miceli

A Guide to Patient Payment Best Practices

PAID MESSAGE Lauren Miceli, Digital Marketing Specialist, Bio-Optronics, Inc. In the world of clinical trials, researchers and patients often approach studies from different perspectives. Researchers want a successful go-to-market product or publishable finding; patients want to know how the study will help their health, and how much they will get paid. This disconnect can be problematic […]

Meet the Faces Behind Clinical Trials

Raising public awareness of clinical trials is the focus of many initiatives, yet many of the people who carry out clinical trial operations remain unsung.