Off to the Races

Clinical Researcher—February 2019 (Volume 33, Issue 2)


John P. Neal, CRCP



We’ve had a strong start out of the gate for 2019, and the year ahead looks good for ACRP. In January, we held the year’s first ACRP Association Board of Trustees (ABoT) meeting at ACRP headquarters in Alexandria, Va. After recapping some of the accomplishments of 2018 (see my message in the January issue of Clinical Researcher), we spent time examining how to make the most of them in 2019 and beyond.

For example, it was exciting to see energy, enthusiasm, and consensus continuing to coalesce around our plans for building on our newest, highly successful certification (the ACRP Certified Professional [ACRP-CP] program introduced in 2017) and our new subspecialty designation (the ACRP-PM introduced in 2018 for project managers). We are also developing a variety of innovative professional development programs and training opportunities to help our members remain up to date with the changes we are experiencing as an industry.

The ABoT is a strong group of gifted professionals, and I’d like to thank each of them for sharing their time and expertise as ACRP works to raise the bar for conducting ethical, responsible clinical research around the world.

Just as the highlight of this year will be the ACRP 2019 annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn., we are already preparing for ACRP 2020 in Seattle, Wash. The conference expands each year, with new tracks and new voices. It will continue to provide you, our valuable members, with unparalleled opportunities to hone your knowledge, network with your peers, and make new friends.

I hope to see you in Nashville!

John P. Neal, CRCP, is Founder and Chairman of PCRS Network, LLC, and the 2019 Chair of the Association Board of Trustees for ACRP.