Growing Together by Chapter and Verse

Paul Evans, PhD, President and CEO, Velocity Clinical Research

Clinical Researcher—March 2020 (Volume 34, Issue 3)


Paul Evans, PhD


Many of you are familiar with ACRP’s annual meeting and regional conferences, but did you know your Association also has a vibrant community of more than 50 ACRP Chapters dotted across North America and elsewhere on the globe?

These exciting forums can enhance your personal and professional development; provide opportunities to develop your leadership, managerial, public speaking, and group decision-making skills; and offer continuing education credits, not to mention invaluable face-to-face networking opportunities with people like yourselves on the front lines of clinical trials. The leadership structure of these chapters varies widely and allows you numerous options for involvement.

We encourage you to become a member of your local chapter. In fact, now’s a perfect time because ACRP is working with many chapters to help them reorganize in order to devote more time to networking and outreach events. We’ll have more to share on these initiatives in the coming weeks, but we’ve already made great progress with chapters in Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and the Research Triangle Park region in North Carolina.

ACRP is here to advance the profession of clinical research and to help you individually thrive. Your Association’s increased commitment to cultivating its chapters is another example of how we’re working to bring us all together in common cause.

However, members like you are the key to every initiative. Without your active input, our relative success has a far lower ceiling. I’ve seen firsthand how important chapter meetings have been, both for connecting like-minded professionals and for sharing best practices. I know my own career is all the richer for the existence of ACRP Chapters.

I invite you to explore the many opportunities offered by ACRP’s vigorous chapter program. You can find more information at

Paul Evans, PhD, is President and CEO of Velocity Clinical Research, and Chair of the Association Board of Trustees for ACRP in 2020.