Changing of the Guard

Clinical Researcher—May 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 4)


Erika Stevens, MA


How will a change in ACRP’s leadership impact the organization’s strategic initiatives?

Under the direction of Jim Kremidas, ACRP rebranded; defined its value propositions for members, employers, and certificants; developed strategic alliances with complementary organizations; expanded certification offerings; engaged industry sponsors; and secured its foothold as the leader in workforce development for the clinical research enterprise. ACRP’s strategic objectives rooted in the above include data-driven decision making, staff development, and training adoption.

Prior to Jim’s leadership, ACRP lacked financial stability, required improved member services, and sat unrecognized by life science organizations. Today, ACRP stands with upgraded information technology infrastructure, streamlined processes, international alliances, data-driven reporting, and a visionary Partners in Workforce Advancement program. Still to come, ACRPtv will pass 100 episodes engaging industry leaders in thought-provoking discussions on regulatory issues, industry trends, patient perspectives, and diversity. Happening now, ACRP’s fundraising efforts have kicked off in support of the Ride for Diversity as Sergio Armani, Association treasurer, and Rick Fisher plan a 334-mile bike ride in June to be followed by the launch of a major gifts campaign.

While leadership change may bring a new lens, the roadmap forged by Jim will be maintained. Meanwhile, if by chance you missed Jim’s guitar performance in Nashville, we hope you will come to our next live ACRP conference in Orlando in 2022 to catch an encore.

I wish you all the best jusqu’a la prochaine fois (until the next time),

Erika Stevens, MA, is the 2021 Chair of the Association Board of Trustees for ACRP and leads Transformation Advisory Solutions for Recherche Transformation Rapide.