I’m Grateful for You—and My Gratitude Gurus

Susan P. Landis

Clinical Researcher—December 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 9)


Susan P. Landis, Executive Director of ACRP


Here’s something you don’t know about me: I follow social media accounts that every so often tell me how great I am. At the end of a hard day when I’m scrolling through Instagram, @thrive might tell me, “You got this!” @BreneBrown will remind me to take a breath, and Kamau Bell’s mom, @jcheathambell, keeps me on track with strong statements from Black leaders that empower.

Why does this matter to you?  Because if you haven’t heard it lately—you’re amazing. What you are doing to advance medicines through helping to lead clinical trials and studies makes a world of difference. Actually, you make a different world. At the end of the year, when we’re stretched thin, when we have multiple lists occupying our brains and deadlines that seem impossible to meet, you might need someone to say, “You are enough,” like a recent message on @unwomen told me.

During this season of gratitude, ACRP wants to make sure that your contributions to clinical research are acknowledged. We’re grateful for all that you do. We see you. Thank you.

We hope that you carry our gratitude with you throughout this season and into the New Year, especially. We’re making our 2022 to-do lists and checking them twice to deliver new things for you, including a learning-packed annual conference in Orlando next spring, new training and development programs, and a new toolkit to encourage interest and promote diversity in our clinical research workforce.

Further, as you wrap things up for this year, we checked one thing off your list—pulling together a meaningful holiday music playlist to stream when the mood strikes. The ACRP Holiday Mix is a handcrafted and algorithm-free selection of seasonal tunes, offered from us to you.

Happy holidays from everyone at ACRP! Thank you for supporting our mission to promote excellence in clinical research.