Merck Journeys: Career Conversations within Clinical Research

May 29, 2024—Discover the exciting world of clinical research at Merck during this informative event. Engage with professionals from Clinical Data Management, Clinical Science and Study Management, and Clinical Research Associate roles as they discuss their careers, the industry, and their experiences at Merck.

From Conflict to Collaboration: Enhancing Site and Sponsor/CRO Relationships

June 12, 2024—This live webinar delves into the perspectives and occasional conflicting interests of both parties, fostering mutual understanding. Representatives from each organization will share insights, real-life examples, and practical tools to overcome challenges, promote productive collaboration, and contribute to clinical trial success.

Employee Development and Succession Planning

This webinar targets site and organizational leaders with the kinds of details they need to pay attention to in order to develop the framework for an employee development program which will support succession planning.