The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACRP Fellowship Application

ACRP Fellowship Application

  • Eligibility

    ACRP Members are eligible to apply for Fellowship when the following application requirements are met:

    1) Held ACRP membership in good standing for the previous five years.
    2) Demonstrated evidence of active participation with ACRP.
    3) Demonstrated evidence of significant contributions to the field of Clinical Research.
    4) Paid the application fee of $150. You will be billed for this fee after you have submitted your application.
  • Instructions for Completing the Application

    Gather the following documentation before beginning this application. You will be asked to upload several files. Your application will not be considered without the attachments/appropriate verification of your experience.

    1) One (1) Letter of Recommendation from a current ACRP Member In-Good-Standing.
    2) One (1) Letter of Support from a current/previous employer (if self-employed, a letter from a previous customer will suffice) indicating time of service and contributions in clinical research (minimum of 5-years-experience required)
    3) An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Maximum 8 pages in length
    4) Documentation that verifies the experience you enter into the application as requested in the sections below:

    • Section B – one file with documentation to verify your global and chapter board/committee experience as well as your additional contributions to ACRP
    • Section C – one file with documentation to verify all listed contributions to clinical research

    Documentation should include dates of service and the name of the role/position. Preferred documentation is a letter from someone who can verify this information. However, a brief (less than 100 words) description that includes the contact information of someone who can verify your role may also be accepted. Citations from academic journals, newspaper publications, etc. must be listed. A copy of the printed program of a professional society meeting (or printout from a web page) will constitute proof of presentation or a scientific poster presented at a scientific/academic meeting. Clearly label applicable sections of the document. Listing on a CV is not necessarily acceptable verification.

    *Questions with an asterisk are required*
  • Scoring

    To be considered for Fellows status, an applicant must have at least 100 points total AND the minimum points required for each section (A, B, and C). The amount of points you may earn for each response is noted.

    A scoring calculator spreadsheet is provided as a companion resource to this application to help you calculate your points and ensure you have gathered and numbered all supporting documentation ( This document is optional, but encouraged by the Fellows Advisory Panel to ease your application process and ensure the accuracy of your scoring. If you use the spreadsheet while completing your application, please submit it to help the Panel in reviewing your application.

    TIP – make sure you have the minimum points for each section and 100 points overall before submitting your application.

    Final approval of all applications for Fellowship is the responsibility of the Fellowship Advisory Panel as delegated by ACRP’s Board of Trustees