Change is in the Air: Part IV

This is the fourth installment in a series on changes coming to the clinical research enterprise from John Neal, CPA, BS, CRSP, founder and CEO of PCRS Network, LLC, and member of the ACRP Board of Trustees. Prediction 4: Fewer Principal Investigators will be needed in the future. Following my first three posts predicting that: […]

Flawed Communication Between Researchers and Nurses Can Spell Trouble

Imagine you are a research nurse/clinical research coordinator (CRC) for an in-patient randomized, double-blind study that aims to lower “bad” cholesterol. One of your subjects is seen by a resident who is not on the study team, and who orders a lipid panel, the positive results of which are then shared with your subject by […]

Chronic Over-Reporting of Clinical Trial Results Wastes Time and Money

When it comes to reporting ongoing data updates in clinical trials, less is sometimes more, according to Lynn Meyer, CCRP, president of IntegReview IRB in Austin, Texas. “There’s a lot of wasted energy spent on over-reporting ongoing trial results,” she says. Unnecessary reporting to institutional review boards (IRBs) can cost an extra $5,000 per site, […]

Dan Dumrauf headshot

Careers—Passing it On: A Profile of Dan Dumrauf

Dan Dumrauf, director at Medix Scientific, understands the unique challenges of identifying leading resource talent for the clinical research industry, and is not afraid to confront obstacles head on. Q: You majored in business communica­tions and chemistry while in college, and you used your talents to work your way up through a career sector that […]

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Big buzz surrounds Research Hive

Let's face it: clinical research coordinators (CRCs) can make or break any trial. Beginning with the site selection visit, the coordinator is carrying a large load. Tasked to learn new trial procedures, vendors, and schedules, they must also explain these details to patients and their team. Tight timelines and pressure from all sides wreak havoc […]