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Covance: Investing in Today’s CRA Talent to Ensure a Stronger Tomorrow

The importance of Clinical Research Associate training to support effective trials The clinical trial landscape is witnessing an increase in Phase III trials that average more than 3,500 patients. As more of these large trials continue to emerge, many contract research organizations (CROs) and sponsors are struggling to recruit qualified clinical research associates (CRAs) to […]

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Research Compliance: Launch of Medicare’s Oncology Care Model—An Opportunity for Administrative Reform

On July 1, 2016, Medicare began enrolling select oncology patients under its newest payment plan, the Oncology Care Model (OCM). The Innovation Center of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services developed the OCM to address rising cancer care costs and increasing variation in treatment expenditures that were not sustainable for the U.S. economy. Many […]

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Academia, Investigator-Initiated Research, and a Unique Resource to Support Both

The reputation of an academic institution depends to a large degree on the scholarly activity performed by its members. There is general agreement that the components of scholarly activity are those defined by Boyer1:

  • Discovery (advancing knowledge)
  • Application (applying existing knowledge)
  • Integration (synthesizing knowledge)
  • Teaching (disseminating current knowledge)

Research, as embodied in the […]

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Monitoring of Clinical Trials—Are Remote Activities Helpful in Controlling Quality?

The implementation of risk-based monitoring has spawned many forms of remote monitoring activities. This development has the potential to significantly impact how monitoring is accomplished for clinical trials. One question raised is whether remote monitoring activities are beneficial or detrimental to an effective data quality program. A survey was undertaken to assess the utilization and […]