ACRPtv—Spotlight On…Leveraging Patient Groups to Improve Clinical Trials

Featuring Allison Holland, Head of Decentralized Clinical Trials at Medable, and Jena Daniels, Director of Research at Medable and Head of the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) The term “patient-centricity” gets bandied about quite a bit these days, but what does it really mean? “It’s about giving patients choices in how they participate in a clinical […]

ACRPtv—Spotlight On…COVID-19’s Impact on Quality in Clinical Trials

Featuring Mary Westrick, President of the College of Surveyors at the Site Accreditation and Standards Institute “COVID-19 has shown a lot of sites their quality system isn’t where it needs to be,” Westrick says in our October 6, 2020 conversation. “Because if you have a good quality system you should be able to come up […]

Can Dedicated Research Sites Be Your Ace in the Hole for Clinical Trial Conduct?

Although it may not be in the cards for many clinical trial sponsors, being able to situate trials at dedicated (or research-only) study sites may provide winning advantages in terms of easing patient recruitment challenges and increasing flexibility of trial conduct, especially in the current pandemic conditions, research consultants told an ACRP webinar audience this […]

ACRPtv—Spotlight On…Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Featuring Dalfoni Banerjee, Principal Consultant & CEO 3Sixty Pharma Solutions LLC The bad news is that too many clinical trial practitioners get thrown into taking on new leadership and project management roles without adequate training. The good news? “You can leverage the skills you already have” to shore up some of those deficiencies, says Dalfoni […]