Rick Morrison, Founder and President, Comprehend Systems

CROs Can Use Mistakes to Build Trust with Sponsors

You are going to make 773,618 decisions over a lifetime, according to a poll conducted by the makers of the Puzzler Mind Gym 3D game. And you’re going to regret 143,262 of them. If you are a sponsor of clinical trials, one of your decisions should be to sit down with your contract research organization […]

Carla Balch, CEO, TransMed Systems Inc.

Disappointing One Clinical Trial Applicant Can Have a Negative Ripple Effect

Looking for a way to discourage new trial participants? How about sitting a coordinator down with a prospective patient, then running through a 45-minute inclusion/exclusion criteria review where the second-to-last question abruptly takes the patient out of consideration? “It happens all the time and it’s deflating” for clinical trial practitioners and their patients, says Carla […]

Anne-Marie Hess, Senior Strategic Advisor and Market Intelligence Director, SCORR Marketing

Doctors, Relatives Key Influencers When Patients Mull Trial Participation

A new survey of nearly 4,000 clinical trial participants says their doctors and family members have the most important influence on their decisions about joining trials. “Family members or friends are often important influencers, and about half of the respondents wanted to hear about the clinical trial experience from patients that have already participated in […]

Jim Kremidas, ACRP Executive Director

New Training Standards Sought for PIs

Two influential clinical industry groups are focusing on new training efforts to prevent principal investigators from burning out and it appears that the FDA is willing to work with them on the effort. Read More Source: CenterWatch Weekly