This Clinical Trials Day, Let’s Set the Stage for an Era of Innovation

On this 19th Clinical Trials Day, I find myself pondering everything we still do not know, and everything we have yet to achieve in clinical research. From my many years of experience running clinical trial sites, I recognize the unfortunate reality that trials are too expensive and too slow – which has a real, human cost

Blazing a Trail in Clinical Research

Clinical research stands at the forefront of medical advancement, offering promising treatments and therapies to combat diseases and improve human health. Despite its noble objectives, the field faces numerous challenges to reduce the complexity of clinical trials notably due to an increasing demand for more data from regulatory and reimbursement stakeholders.

‘Other Duties as Assigned’: The Wide-Ranging Role of the CRC Professional

If “recruiting and screening patients who try new treatments and monitoring and reporting on patient progress” sounds like a reasonable, if skimpy, definition of the duties of a clinical research coordinator (CRC) at a clinical trial site, imagine the surprise of a newly minted CRC who finds themself tasked with exploring a shuttered hospital in search of old research records, or visiting the local jail in hopes of finding participants who have gone missing mid-study. 

Velocity Clinical Research Supports 2024 ACRP Ride4DEI

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) is proud to recognize Velocity Clinical Research as a Breakaway Sponsor of the 2024 ACRP Ride4DEI—the clinical research industry’s premier cycling challenge that raises funds in support of ACRP Continuing Education Grants and tuition scholarships.