Silver Linings from the Hard Times in Clinical Trials

In any category of job, you just know that some brand new employees are going to bail out the moment things start getting too hot in the kitchen, but any study coordinator who has persevered at their duties because they truly love clinical research will tell you that the challenges never stop coming. Different types […]

Documentation Key to Good FDA Relations

If it takes a regulated entity too long to retrieve requested documents during an inspection, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agents sometimes “begin to wonder if something [suspicious] is going on,” Eric Pittman, Office of Bioresearch Monitoring Operations, Office of Regulatory Affairs, warned attendees of ACRP’s 2022 Conference in Orlando this week. Ideally, a […]

Jeanne Hecht

The Future is Bright for Clinical Research

A palpable sense of excitement filled the air on the final day of ACRP’s 2022 conference in Orlando. It was as if attendees couldn’t wait to see what new ideas and technologies are waiting just around the corner to help them further raise the bar and continue to deliver vital drugs and treatments to enhance […]

Patients Thank Clinical Trial Professionals for Life Saving Work

Amidst the piles of important regulations, paperwork, and data encircling clinical trials, it can be easy to lose sight of a simple fact: At their heart, trials are about alleviating human suffering and prolonging life. The work and its practitioners represent a higher calling worthy of sincere praise and appreciation. Clinical researchers seeking a reminder […]

Future of Clinical Research to be More Open and Connected, Experts Say

If it isn’t exactly a kinder, gentler future for clinical research professionals that certain speakers at ACRP 2022 saw in their crystal balls this morning (April 24), it is at least a more thoughtful, honest, and better connected one they are looking forward to. Presenting on the theme of “CRA Manager Role as in Inquiring […]