Capacity to Change Can Reduce Healthcare Workforce Burnout

Even before the pandemic, burnout among healthcare professionals was a pervasive public health concern, with some studies reporting burnout in more than 50% of clinicians. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals are required to work even longer hours in high-stress situations. Understanding causes of burnout and factors that can protect against it can help improve […]

Effective Data Management Critical to Trial Efficacy

Working in clinical trials is akin to operating in a prism, in the sense that different people have different angles on the same item or issue, advises Steve Pope, MSHS, CCRP, senior clinical research associate with PRA Health Sciences. It’s especially true when looking at the world through the eyes of a study coordinator or […]

Human Factor Critical to Effective Use of Technology in Clinical Trials

“The huge, expedited need for virtual capabilities driven by COVID-19 has translated into a new willingness to try new technologies among typically averse” clinical trial practitioners, says Elisa Cascade, executive vice president and product line executive for electronic clinical outcome assessments at ERT. While she’s excited about what this new energy can bring to trial […]