Digital Biomarkers for Trial Endpoints Hold Key to New Treatments

The use of digital health technologies across healthcare and drug development has accelerated. A new paper in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease titled “Digital Progression Biomarkers as Novel Endpoints in Clinical Trials: A Multistakeholder Perspective,” coauthored by experts across diverse disciplines, highlights how new remote monitoring technologies present a tremendous opportunity to advance digital medicine […]

Novel Method Predicts if COVID-19 Clinical Trials Will Succeed or Fail

In order to win the battle against COVID-19, studies to develop vaccines, drugs, devices, and re-purposed drugs are urgently needed. Randomized clinical trials are used to provide evidence of safety and efficacy as well as to better understand this novel and evolving virus. As of July 15, more than 6,180 COVID-19 clinical trials have been […]

Mathematical Models and Computer Simulations are the New Frontiers in COVID-19 Drug Trials

Researchers are using computer models to simulate COVID-19 infections on a cellular level—the basic structural level of the human body. The models allow for virtual trials of drugs and vaccines, opening the possibility of pre-assessment for drug and vaccine efficacy against the virus. The research team at the University of Waterloo includes Anita Layton, a […]

Kelly Willenberg

Leverage Conflict to Create More Effective Teams

“Conflict isn’t always bad,” says Dr. Kelly Willenberg, DBA, RN, CCRP, CHC, CHRC, manager of Kelly Willenberg & Associates. She’s a big proponent of what she calls “conflict competence,” or the art of negotiating so that everyone feels heard and all viewpoints are considered to keep teams functioning at their best. For Willenberg, the greater […]