ACRP Fellow

ACRP Salutes Fellows Class of 2020

Whether it’s mentoring, teaching, writing, or otherwise supporting others in the clinical trial industry, ACRP Fellows stand out as action-oriented visionaries dedicated to alleviating human suffering and prolonging life. “It’s a higher calling and they’ve consistently answered to it for their entire careers,” says ACRP Executive Director Jim Kremidas of ACRP’s 2020 Class of […]

Input Solicited from Clinical Research Community on Expanded Open Wearables Initiative

As it begins its second year of activities, the Open Wearables Initiative (OWEAR) is evaluating a significant expansion of its vision and seeking industry input to build consensus. The initiative was founded in September 2019 as an industry collaboration to promote the effective use of high-quality, sensor-generated measures of health in clinical research. OWEAR has […]

ACRPtv—Spotlight On… ‘Find Your Element’

Featuring Jeremy Glunt, Chief Marketing Officer, ACRP The demand for clinical trials is growing faster than the pool of clinical research professionals, threatening the quality of trials and undermining attempts to bring more innovative treatments and therapies to vulnerable patients. The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) and its Partners in Workforce Advancement have […]