Cara Siletto, MBA

Working Effectively with Millennials Requires Enhanced Communication Skills

Millennials are getting something of a bum rap in the workforce these days. No, they don’t expect constant praise. No, they don’t demand 24/7 handholding. And no, they don’t believe they deserve to be Vice President at age 24. However, managing and working with millennials does present unique challenges, says Cara Silletto, MBA, founder of […]

Confronting Dearth in Clinical Trial Diversity Requires Fundamental Shift

The problem of diversity in clinical trials won’t significantly improve until industry adapts more creative ways to “bring research to the community,” rather than expecting potential patients to jump through logistical hoops to participate in a trial, says John Potthoff, CEO of Elligo Health Research. Up until now, the “industry default has been to go […]

Effective CRC Training Enhances Job Performance and Satisfaction

Learning how to be a good clinical research coordinator (CRC) is important, but understanding the why behind tasks is key to making the job more enjoyable and impactful. “Learning why certain tasks are done a certain way helps put the puzzle together and makes the job even more satisfying,” says Kerry Moore, RN, BS, CCRC, a […]