Let “Clinical Research 101” be Your Field Guide to Adventures in the Profession

When the ACRP 2024 pre-conference events get under way in Anaheim, Calif., in May, retiree John P. Rowell, Jr., MSN, will take a break from his home gardening and competitive sport shooting to once again present a day-long Friday workshop aimed at helping new clinical researchers face the many workforce-related challenges being thrown at them, as he has for nearly 25 years, this time teamed up with several colleagues.

Increase Efficiency in the Contract Negotiation Process During Study Start-up

The time required to finalize contracts and budgets is among the most pressing challenges in clinical trials. Sponsors, CROs, and sites all identify this as a significant hurdle, one that leads to costly delays and mounting frustrations. It does not have to be that way. Deploying these five strategies can make the contract negotiation process more pleasant and efficient for all stakeholders. 

Professional Development of an Independent Consultant in Clinical Research

Becoming an independent consultant in clinical research requires taking a number of steps and dwelling on several considerations. This article provides a comprehensive look at professional development interwoven with the author's own experience working in clinical research as an independent consultant/contractor, including how he (and others) entered the profession, built and maintained his experience base, and launched his own LLC, along with his perspectives on professional development as it relates to clinical research.

Data Monitoring and Complex Clinical Trials: Toward a Solution

One-size-fits-all approaches to evaluating accumulating data are not feasible when working with multiple variables, whether they be multiple endpoints, multiple treatments, or both. Ensuring a robust framework upon which to base stop/go calculations is essential to protecting participant safety whilst accelerating access to life-changing new treatments. The weight of responsibility carried by data monitoring committees is not insignificant, so it is important that these complexities are worked through.