CRO Leverages Training to Reduce Staff Turnover

“For us, training equals quality,” says Kelly Schindelholz, CCRA, director of clinical monitoring services at IMARC Research, a contract research organization (CRO). Schindelholz and team say a commitment to training has helped them benefit from significantly lower than average turnover rates in a clinical trial marketplace notorious for employee churn. “We invest a lot in […]

Executive Offers Impactful Networking Tips for Women

Some women working to attain promotion in the office are at a relative disadvantage when it comes to networking tendencies, says Jeanne Hecht, MBA, PMP, CEO of Ora Inc. Very generally speaking, “women tend to focus on their nuclear network in the office, but don’t do as much to develop relationships with people outside their […]

Should You Fear a Fearless Leader?

The term “fearless leader” just might be going the way of other increasingly retro monikers like “rotary phone,” “cassette tapes,” and “print newspapers.” More and more, the most effective leaders of today are often at their best when they are able to express and help others channel their own vulnerability, say adherents to a new […]

Clinical Trial Industry Must Confront Principal Investigator Challenges

It’s time for stakeholders in the clinical trial industry to band together and do a better job of identifying new principal investigators (PIs) to take pressure off existing PIs and further advance clinical trial quality and efficacy, says Christina Brennan, MD, MBA, CCRC, vice president of clinical research at Northwell Health. “Too often, we [keep […]

Effective Leaders Fueled by Empathy

Effective leaders draw on many sources for inspiration. At the top of that list, say many successful clinical trial executives, is empathy. A leader’s passion to inspire and bring out the best in their team can be fueled by sharing stories of professional setbacks and successes. “As leaders, it’s our responsibility to learn other people’s […]