Hospital Bucks Negative Patient Retention Trends with Recruitment Enhancements

The discouraging statistics from the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) are all too familiar: Nearly 80% of clinical trials fail to finish on time, 20% of those are delayed for more than six months, and 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients. Wait, it gets worse. The average […]

Initiative Aims to Transform Clinical Trial Participants into Advocates

The strongest advocates for bringing awareness to new patients about clinical trials just might be hiding in plain sight. The secret source: the estimated 5 million people who have participated in a clinical trial over the past decade, and the close to 1 million participants actively enrolled today, says Deena Bernstein, a Senior Strategic Advisor […]

Site Health Check Designed to Provide Metrics That Matter to Sites

PAID MESSAGE Site Health Check is a Merck initiative that will provide key metrics to its clinical sites. The reporting tool is currently in development with plans for a full launch later this year. Keeping open a clear line of communication with clinical sites helps define expectations on both sides of the partnership. The concept […]

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

ACRP Welcomes Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health as Elite Partner in Workforce Advancement

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) welcomes Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health as the Elite Partner of ACRP’s Partners in Workforce Advancement. Partners in Workforce Advancement (PWA) is a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative to grow the clinical research workforce and to set and support standards for workforce competence. “Organizations aligned with ACRP’s mission are working together to […]

Jim Kremidas, Executive Director, ACRP

ACRP Adopts Clinical Research Quality Manager (CRQM) Credential in Partnership with Quality Management Institute

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals is adopting the Clinical Research Quality Manager (CRQM) credential under a new partnership with the Quality Management Institute (QMI). CRQM-credentialed professionals are eligible to become ACRES Site Accreditation and Standards Institute (SASI) Clinical Research Site Surveyors and will play key roles in ACRES-SASI Site Accreditation. The CRQM credential will […]