Show SOPs Respect to Improve Clinical Trial Results

To paraphrase comedian Rodney Dangerfield, standard operating procedures (SOPs) don’t get any respect. They can be tedious and time-consuming to develop, and tough to implement and maintain. Plus, they’re usually not a priority unless a regulator shows up in the waiting room. “We know they’re important,” says Edye T. Edens, JD, MA, CIP, CCRP, senior […]

Resilience is Key to Thriving as Clinical Trial Professional

Realtors half-jokingly say property value often comes down to three things: location, location, and location. For clinical trial practitioners, you might substitute the words “resiliency, resiliency, and resiliency,” says Barbara van der Schalie, a clinical trial manager with Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. “One of the cornerstones for [your professional] success in clinical research is resilience, […]

OhioHealth Research Institute Joins ACRP ‘Partners in Workforce Advancement’ Initiative

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) welcomes OhioHealth Research Institute to the ACRP ‘Partners in Workforce Advancement’ (PWA) initiative. PWA is a groundbreaking new initiative to expand the clinical research workforce by bringing together a broad coalition of clinical research stakeholders focused on creating a sustainable workforce for the future. “We are excited […]