Passion, Potential, and Patience

Susan P. Landis

Clinical Researcher—August 2021 (Volume 35, Issue 6)


Susan P. Landis


I am almost 60 days in as the Executive Director of ACRP. It’s been an exciting whirlwind of information and insights. I want to give an enormous shout-out to the ACRP staff for being flexible, understanding, and supportive as I continue to onboard. I also want to acknowledge the encouragement of our board members, fellows, and chapters, and acknowledge the input they have shared that inevitably will be embedded in the blueprint for the Association’s future.

Three themes have consistently emerged. First, the passion of our volunteers is palpable. Every ACRP member I have spoken with conveys a deep commitment to the organization and a desire to participate fully in its success. Thank you.

That enthusiasm is matched by a deep belief in the Association’s potential. As our Board Chair Erika Stevens writes in her message for this issue, innovation in clinical research has the potential to change fundamentally how we study and improve human health. We have—you have—the opportunity to innovate—to transform how clinical research is imagined and implemented. The potential is unlimited.

Finally, patience. As one volunteer said recently, “Let’s take a breath and determine where we go next.” Asking “what’s next” is where I’m focused, albeit impatiently! I feel a real sense of urgency to harness the passion and potential of ACRP for our clinical research professionals and for the benefit of the participants and patients we serve. Yet, I know that taking the time to identify both the possibilities and improvements needed will result in a more cohesive, more fruitful future for ACRP.

Thanks to all for your support. I share your excitement and enthusiasm for the future.

Susan P. Landis ( is Executive Director of ACRP.